Vikas Barala Gets Bails After Five Months Imprisonment For Stalking DJ

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Vikas Barala Gets Bails After Five Months Imprisonment For Stalking DJ

On Thursday, the Punjab and Haryana High Court granted bail to Vikas Barala in the case of stalking and attempted kidnapping of DJ Varnika Kundu. Vikas is the son of Subash Barala who is the BJP State President in Haryana. This bail comes after the cross examination with Varnika was complete at the District Courts in Chandigarh.

On Tuesday, Varnika retaliated and objected the defense’s theory that pointed out technical errors in her call records. Varnika stood by her allegations and reiterated the sequence of events on that fateful night. Varnika spoke of how she was allegedly stalked by Vikas Barala and his friend Ashish Kumar.

In addition, Varnika also quarreled the defense’s allegations that her father V. S. Kundu was involved. The defense states that the Senior IAS Officer of Haryana cadre V. S. Kundu put pressure on the police to fabricate evidence against Vikas and Ashish.

Varnika went on to decline the defense’s contentions that Advocate Rajdeep Tacoria and her father met former Haryana CM Bhupinder Singh Hooda. The DJ also insisted that she was not tutored by her father or Advocate Tacoria. She further added her claims were true in front of the Magistrate under Section 164 of the CrPC.

The incident came to light in August last year after the 29 year old DJ called the police to complain about two men following her in an SUV. Varnika claimed as she was driving from Sector 8 in Chandigarh towards Panchkula on the 4th of August the two men were stalking her. She uploaded a Facebook post that described in detail how the men made multiple attempts to intercede her and force her onto smaller roads. She even claimed they tried approaching the car and tried getting into the car as well.

Varnika’s statement was doubted after she was questioned about using the term abduction in the Magistrate in August last year. The DJ denied using the term without realizing her initial statement claimed that Vikas and his friend attempted to abduct her.


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