World Blood Donation Day: Telangana Red Cross Society Donation Camp

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On the occasion of World Blood Donation Day, the Red Cross Society in Telangana held a blood donation camp. The donation camp was held at the Raj Bhavan staff quarters with Governor E. S. L. Narasimhan.

At the camp, the Telangana Governor said donating blood on a regular basis makes one healthy, hail and fit. Mr. Narasimhan encouraged locals to donate blood to help those in need. More than 200 people visited the camp to donate blood today.

The press release from Raj Bhavan stated people from the age group of 18 to 60 will be allowed to donate. People were allowed to donate on the basis of age, minimum weight (45 Kg,) hemoglobin level (12.5 gm) and blood pressure level (120/80)

Principal Secretary Harpreet Singh, Press Secretary Gourisankar, Liaison Officer Vidyasagar and Joint Secretary Arjun Rao were among the people who donated blood today.

Facebook launched a new update to their social media site to encourage their users to donate blood today. The social media site shows local blood donation drives around each user to spread awareness.



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