Young Hyderabad Woman Sold To A Sheikh In Dubai

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Young Hyderabad Woman Sold To A Sheikh In Dubai

A young Hyderabad woman was promised a job in Dubai but was instead sold to a Sheikh. The woman was offered a salesgirl job in Dubai by an agent in Hyderabad. The agent promised to help the woman out of the poverty she faced in the City.

The ecstatic woman moved to Dubai to be sold to a Sheikh to work as a domestic help. On the 18th of March, the woman reached Dubai to find she was cheated after she was held captive in an office.     

A few days later the woman was sold to the Sheikh who took her to Bahrain. From there she was taken to Oman and made to work as a domestic help. The woman says she was overloaded with work, tortured and not given sufficient food.

The woman one day managed to contact her mother and tell her about the horrible experience. Her family immediately contacted the Indian embassy in Muscat. Once the authorities were alerted the Foreign Ministry intervened and rescued the woman.

The young woman thanked External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj and the Indian Embassy in Muscat for rescuing her. The woman is now safe and returned to Hyderabad.

This case is among multiple cases where women have been cheated and sold on the pretense of getting a lucrative job in the Gulf. Due to this, the Government set up an emergency helpline dedicated to these victims. If you need to report a case about someone being cheated or held captive in the Gulf can call 800 INDIA which is a toll free number.


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