BCCI Announces Hike In Pay Of Domestic Cricket Players

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On the 20th of September, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) announced an increase in pay for domestic cricketers.

The match fees for domestic cricketers in men’s and women’s teams across all age groups have been increased.

In addition, the BCCI also announced to compensate domestic players who suffered financially after last season’s Ranji Trophy and women’s T20 games cancellation, in the wake of the Wuhan virus pandemic.

On Monday evening, Mr. Jay Shah, the BCCI Secretary took to Twitter and said, “The increase of match fee for domestic cricketers is a welcome step and this will move will ensure that professional cricketers can solely focus on playing cricket and are appropriately rewarded. Domestic cricket is our backbone and we will make every effort to keep it strong and healthy so that our bench strength always remains superior.”

Besides the compensation and hike in pay, the BCCI also decided to change the pay structure of its domestic cricketers.

As per the new pay structure and hike in pay, senior players, who played up to 20 matches would be now entitled to get Rs. 40,000 per day, reserve players would get Rs. 20,000 per day. Those who are in playing XI and have featured in 21 to 40 matches would now be paid Rs. 50,000 (Rs. 25,000 for reserves) each match, while players who have played more than 40 matches would be given Rs. 60,000, with the reserves slated to get Rs. 30,000 per match.

The under-25 players who start a match will now get a remuneration of Rs. 25,000 per day instead of the current Rs. 17,500 while the reserves will get Rs. 12,500 per day instead of Rs. 8,750. The board has also increased match day fees for under-19 and under-16 players. The under-19 playing players will earn Rs. 20,000 per game while reserve players will get Rs. 10,000.

The senior women’s team also received a pay hike, from getting Rs. 12,500 to Rs. 20,000 per player, while the reserve players will get Rs. 10,000 instead of Rs 6,250. The under-23, under-19, and under-16 women playing eleven players to get Rs. 10,000 while reserves to get Rs. 5000 from now.

Explaining the new pay structure, the BCCI treasurer Mr. Arun Dhumal explained that the slab is not tournament specific and the idea is to reward consistent players in the domestic circuit. He said, “If a player features in just one match of a Syed Mushtaq Ali tournament in a season but if that turns out to be the 21st match of his career, then he will automatically move to the next pay slab.”

The decision was taken after many former cricketers urged the BCCI to start a contract system for players who compete in domestic competitions. However, citing past instances of corruption, the BCCI did not consider that proposal and instead chose to increase the match fees.

Stay tuned for further updates.

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