ICC Committee Scraps Boundary Count Rule In Super Over

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On the 14th of October, the International Cricket Council (ICC) scrapped the boundary count rule in a Super Over to win a match.

The ICC released a statement which read, “The Super Over as a way to decide results at ICC events will be retained. Both the Cricket Committee and CEC agreed it was an exciting and engaging conclusion to the game and will remain in place covering all games at both ODI and T20I World Cups.”  It further added, “In group stages, if the Super Over is tied the match will be tied. In Semi Finals and Finals, there is one change to the Super Over regulation in keeping with the basic principle of scoring more runs than the opponent to win, the Super Over will be repeated until one team has more runs than the other.”

The discussion came after fans and cricketers criticised the ICC for declaring England as the winner of the ICC World Cup 2019 against New Zealand after the Super Over score resulted in a tie.

The England Team won the match on the basis of hitting more boundaries than New Zealand.

The ICC constituted a cricket committee to consider the matter and decide upon the boundary count rule.

Anil Kumble, an Indian skipper, headed the committee and after the meeting on the 14th of October, the committee announced to change the boundary count rule. 

According to the committee, if the Super Over results in a tie, the match will be tied, instead of the previous rule, where boundary count was used to declare the winner.

In semi finals and finals, the Super Over will be repeated until one team scores more than the other team.

The rule will be implemented in all kinds of cricket formats like One Day Internationals (ODIs,) Test matches and T20 Internationals (T20Is.) 

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