Beware! WhatsApp Admins Can Be Jailed For Spreading Fake Messages



Well, if you’re one among those who extensively use WhatsApp for any kind of information, then you might be in for a shock, especially when you’re the admin of the group. Just like a sport, wherein the captain is at the receiving end for whatever the outcome maybe, the group admin’s can also be treated the similar way.

As a group admin, if you’re found spreading fake messages in your group, then you might end up in jail. This is with reference to a recent incident that took place in Solapur district. A fake message was being circulated among different WhatsApp groups. The message read: ‘3,000 armed men are roaming in parts of Solapur district with the intention of kidnapping children.’

After this message went viral in those neighboring areas, police went in search of those who circulated that and sadly, 10 group admins were booked for spreading this fake rumour. Although the message was sent by an unknown individual in the group, it is the Admin who has to face the heat as they were also held responsible for the rumour, which caused a huge panic.

On asking why an admin or WhatsApp group should take the blame of such rumoured messages by a normal participant in the group, Vijay Mukhi said “The police fail to locate the person responsible for generating such rumoured posts. Due to absence of proper surveillance in India, group admins will also be held liable for the action of their group members.”

Shah further justifying his statement said “If a person forwards, transmits or distributes any such rumoured messages or content—without knowing its genuineness, and if such messages results in a loss to someone else, the group admins will also be booked under investigation. However, group admins or its members cannot simply claim that ‘they just forwarded what we received’. It’s up to the Investigating Officer to decide on whom to arrest.”

So from now, beware group admins, monitor all the messages in your group, else, you might be behind bars.


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