Camfecting: Dos And Don’ts To Stay Safe From The Camera Hacking

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Camfecting: Dos And Don’ts To Stay Safe From The Camera Hacking

Here are a few Dos and Don’ts to stay safe from Camfecting, a new privacy violation to hack into a person’s webcam. This latest cybercrime made its way to Hyderabad with the first victim, a female student in the City. The student was blackmailed with pictures of herself taken by the accused through her webcam. The hacker sends a link to the victim that releases a Trojan horse virus if clicked. The accused will then gain access to the victim’s web camera.    


  • Use a high quality and upgraded operating system.
  • Ensure your system uses a good quality premium antivirus.
  • Change your system and email account passwords regularly.
  • Tape the attached web cameras with a sticker or cloth.


  • Do not open emails from unknown contacts.
  • Do not download content from unsecured websites.
  • Do not download unverified free applications.
  • Do not leave the webcam on while the system is on standby.





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