Samsung Electronics Apologises To Employees

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Samsung Electronics apologised to its employees who developed cancer after working at the companies’ semiconductor factories, in Seoul, today.

Kim Ki Nam, Co President, Samsung Electronics, said, “We sincerely apologise to the workers who suffered from illness and their families.” He further said, “We have failed to properly manage health risks at our semiconductor and LCD factories.”

According to campaign groups, 320 people suffered from serious illnesses after being employed at the factories and 118 of them died.

The case came to light in the year 2007, when families of the victims reported the matter. The families said, people working at the semiconductor factories in Suwon, Seoul, were diagnosed with various forms of cancer, which led to the victims’ deaths.

The case lasted for 10 years with multiple hearings and decisions by the Seoul Court, the Mediation Committee and the Seoul’s State Labour Welfare Agency.

After a decade, the case finally concluded with the acceptance of the allegations by Samsung. Samsung accepted the decision which was in favour of the victims’ families and also apologised to the families.

After the apology by Samsung, one of the family members of a victim said, “The apology honestly was not enough for the families of the victims but we will accept it.”

Samsung Electronics will pay a compensation of 1,33,00 dollars per case.


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