WhatsApp Business: An App To Profit Small Businesses

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WhatsApp Business: An App To Profit Small Businesses

WhatsApp has launched a new and separate app that will benefit small businesses. WhatsApp Business app helps budding entrepreneurs to connect with customers easily. The app has useful features like a dedicated business profile for details like business description, website, store address and email address.

WhatsApp Business also provides smart messaging tools like quick replies, away messages and greetings. It will also show the metrics of the number of messages sent, read and delivered.

The ones with separate personal and business numbers can download Whatsapp Messenger and Business to use on the same device. They can register their personal contact with the Messenger app and the business number to the WhatsApp Business app. The Business app will be compatible with Whatsapp Web as well.

WhatsApp also said it will give business accounts a confirmation badge on their profiles. The badge will be given to those who verify their account phone number and match it with their business number.

WhatsApp Business like the Messenger is free and available for Android users. The company is yet to confirm the iOS release of the app. At present, the app is available only in the U.S., the U.K., Mexico, Italy and Indonesia. The global launch of the app is expected in the next few weeks.


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