COVID-19 – Doctors Go Homeless In Warangal

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While Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked all Indians to applaud medical staff and people serving us bravely, during this pandemic situation, there are some who are disrespecting these brave medical staff asking them to vacate their houses.

A doctor of Mahatma Gandhi Memorial (MGM) Hospital in Warangal, who wished to be anonymous, took to social media and spoke about how the landlord left the doctor homeless and on the streets.

In the anonymous post the doctor said, “I am a House Surgeon working in MGM hospital, Warangal, Telangana.  Many doctors in the city were asked to vacate their rented homes by their owners stating the reason that doctors staying in their homes will make them more susceptible to the virus.  One owner said that they we were ‘dirty.’ This was done without any notice. Most of the doctors are now stranded on the roads with their luggage, with nowhere to go.”

The doctor said, “They are recognising us with our lab coats and stethoscopes.”  In addition, the doctor said, “Our campus hostels are converted into isolation wards too by the orders of the district collector.  This is happening in Andhra Pradesh too. We are working without any protective gear, holiday or stipend.”   

Raising questions over the gratitude shown to doctors on the 22nd of March, Janata Curfew, the doctor said, What were the claps and rings yesterday for?  Where is the gratitude they showed us Sunday? Why do we have to risk our lives if this is how they treat us.”

Though only one doctor reached out to the media and reported the issue, the doctor mentioned it to be a problematic situation for many others who either reside in rented homes or stays at hostels.

Despite being disappointed with the kind of gratitude they are facing from their landlords, the doctors assured to be present the next day performing their duties to fight the Novel Coronavirus.

India has a total of 482 Covid-19 cases till date and many thousand samples are under test procedures.  According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) India stands at the 114th rank in the healthcare system, which could be a warning for the Indian Government emphasising on the need to strengthen the health care system in the Country.

Previously, India was at the 112th rank, but within a week the ranking fell to 114th.

However, a situation like this raises questions about humanity and responsibilities towards the one who is serving the citizens without thinking about their own safety.



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