COVID-19 – KCR Announces Support For Migrants And Farmers In Telangana

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K.Chandrashekar Rao, the Chief Minister of Telangana, on the 29th of March, decided to allot an amount of Rs. 30,000 crores, for the agricultural situation in Telangana.

K. Chandrashekar Rao conducted a video conference with all the district collectors of Telangana and discussed the situation, taking a few decisions for the welfare of the people during this pandemic illness.

Concerned about the crops and agricultural situation in the State KCR designed a blueprint for the procurement of agricultural produce.

After the video conference with collectors, KCR addressed the media through the television medium and briefed them about the decisions taken during the conference.

Mr. Rao said the State Government decided to support farmers by buying  crops like Paddy and Maize at the Minimum Support Price (MSP) set by the State Government.  He said, “The market price for maize is as low at Rs. 800 per quintal, but the State will purchase it at MSP of Rs. 1,760 per quintal.  Similarly, paddy will be procured at MSP of around Rs. 1,835 to Rs. 1,855 per quintal.”

Mr. Rao  also said, if any trader wants to buy the crops, the sale would be according to the set MSP by the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) Government.

Besides this, the TRS Government also announced to give for free 12 kgs of  rice and Rs. 500 per migrant worker residing in Telangana during the lockdown, which is till the 15th of April.  

Addressing all the migrant workers of Telangana, KCR said, “You are our brothers and sons, and we will treat you like our own family.  The State Government will provide you all the help including food, shelter and medicines. Don’t hesitate to meet the district collector, police, elected representative or any other official if you face any problem.”

The Telangana CM concluded the press meet  with good news for the citizens of Telangana and informed them about 11 recovery cases of Coronavirus in the State.

Mr. Rao said, “The final reports of these 11 patients have tested negative and they will be discharged tomorrow (the 30th of March.)  The number of corona positive cases as on Sunday (the 29th of March) is 70, of which one person was discharged a few days ago.” KCR also shared how Prime Minister Narendra Modi was happy about the 11 recoveries in the State and interacted with one of the 11 patients on his radio show, Mann Ki Baat.  KCR said, “The latter (who interacted with PM Modi) informed the Prime Minister that the facilities at Gandhi Hospital are very good.”  

All the COVID-19 patients are being treated at the state run Gandhi Hospital, designated treatment centre of COVID-19.

Till date after recovery of the 11 patients, Telangana has a total of 70 positive cases.



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