Dengue Alert In Telangana

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In Telangana, approximately 5,500 patients tested positive for dengue in August.

The Health Department of Telangana raised concern about the increased number of cases in the last month and is closely supervising the situation at the hospitals in the State.

As many as 12 districts, including Hyderabad, are on high alert for the disease and fever caused by mosquitoes.

As of now, the majority of dengue cases were registered in Khammam district.  At least 800 positive dengue patients were registered in August, following which, Hyderabad registered the second highest, approximately 720 positive cases.

Eatala Rajender, the Health Minister of Telangana, stepped into the matter and is monitoring the situation at government hospitals.

Districts like Suryapet (over 550 cases,) Nalgonda (nearly 350 cases,) Warangal Rural and Urban districts (over 350 cases) are also under the influence of the deadly disease.

Medchal, Jagtiyal, Medak, Siricilla, Manchiryal, Nagarkurnool and Nirmal also registered several positive cases, ranging from 180 to 250 in each district.

Besides dengue, the State also registered 1,000 malaria cases in August.

The symptoms of dengue include sudden fever, severe headaches, pain behind the eyes, severe joint and muscle pain, vomiting and skin rashes.

As the number of dengue cases in the State is on the rise, one should not ignore any of the symptoms and visit a doctor for a checkup immediately.


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