Disha Rape And Murder Case – Forensic Report Released

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Proceeding with the investigation of the Disha rape and murder case, the Forensic Science Laboratories (FSL,) on the 13th of December, released the results of the test.

Similar to the investigation established by the Cyberabad Police, the forensic report also confirmed the presence of alcohol in Disha’s liver tissue.  Previously, during the investigation, the Police mentioned Disha was forced to drink alcohol.

The forensic report also confirmed Disha was raped by the four accused who were killed by a Cyberabad Police team in an encounter.

According to the report, the four accused, Mohammed Pasha, Jollu Shiva, Jollu Naveen and Chintalakunta Chennakeshavulu, raped the victim as seminal stains were found on the garments of Disha.

The Hindu quoted a senior official saying, “The DNA of the accused was matched with the sperm stains on her undergarment recovered from the scene of offence near Tondupally toll gate and a piece of scarf found near Chatanpally underpass.”

The Supreme Court is reviewing a petition filed against the V.C. Sajjanar led Cyberabad Police team for the extrajudicial killings.  The Court also ordered all the petitions and investigations be halted as a committee constituted by the SC is investigating the matter.

The SC said though the accused were killed, the investigation would continue according to the legal process.

Meanwhile, the Telangana High Court (HC) directed the Telangana Police to preserve the bodies of the accused until further notice.

The seven member committee constituted by the Supreme Court is investigating the Disha rape and murder case and the Hyderabad encounter case from scratch and is expected to submit a report within 2 weeks.  A SC judge, V.S. Sirpurkar, is leading the committee, which was ordered to complete the investigation within 6 months from now.

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