Hyderabad: Liquor Chocolates Sold Without Permission To Attract Legal Action

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Hyderabad: Liquor Chocolates Sold Without Permission Will Attract Legal Consequences

On Saturday, July 14, the officials of the Prohibition and Excise Department seized liquor chocolates at shops near Abids Road and Siddiamber Bazar after getting information about these products being sold without permission.

The chocolates had a label of Denmark suggesting it was imported from there. As per information received by the officials, thee chocolates were imported by a Delhi based trader. The officials are doing a thorough check with the manufacturer to know if it was really made in Denmark.

The officials also conducted a raid Gollapally Sreedhar’s Ameerpet house to seize homemade liquor chocolates. Sreedhar was making chocolates mixed with various brands of whiskey and rum.

The two incidents brought all gift and novelty shops under the scanner of the Prohibition and Excise Department. According to the officials, gift shops often sell the liquor chocolates to the public without necessary permit and license.

According to the Telangana excise Act 1968, any act of selling liquor products including chocolates without permission or license is a violation of 34 A of the Act. The sellers can be held accountable to the department. If they are found guilty, they can face charges and be prosecuted for the crime with three to five years of jail term.


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