KCR Speaks About National Power Policy

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K. Chandrashekar Rao (KCR,) the Chief Minister of Telangana, extended his support to implement a comprehensive national power policy to provide quality electricity to all the sectors of the Country.

KCR, the President of Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS,) on the 18th of August, highlighted the issues faced by people in several parts of the Country and said not even half of the total captive power generation is being utilised by people in a few parts of India.  He said on the other hand, there are places where people are surviving without proper supply of electricity.

Moving further, Mr. Rao said, “There are also frequent power cuts all over the Country and the situation should be addressed.”

The comments of KCR came after Rajiv Sharma, the Chairman of the Power Finance Corporation (PFC,) came on a three day visit to Telangana and reviewed the power plants in the State and the Kaleshwaram Project.

After visiting the Kaleshwaram Project, Mr. Sharma met KCR on the 18th of August.  The duo discussed issues related to power supply and electricity in the State and the Country.  They also discussed about implementing an all inclusive national power policy, which can help India in generating electricity in every part of the Nation.

The meeting ended with a thank you message from KCR to Rajiv Sharma, for the latter’s financial support in setting up power plants and solving electricity related issues in the State.

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