KRMB Asks Telugu State Government To Hand Projects, Notification To Be Implemented On 14th October

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In a major development, the Krishna River Management Board (KRMB) on Tuesday, the 12th of October, said that the gazette notification would be implemented from the 14th of October.

It also said that all the direct outlets in the second schedule will be taken under the purview of the board i.e. all the direct outlets of Srisailam and Nagarjuna Sagar project will fall under KRMB.

The board also asked the governments of the both the Telugu states to come forward to hand over the outlets.

According to the gazette notification announced by the centre, the sub-committee of KRMB has identified 29 centres under five projects in the first phase that are likely to fall under the KRMB jurisdiction.

A comprehensive plan has been prepared on staff, offices, infrastructure and other needs according to project-wise.

The Godavari and Krishna River Management Boards has appointed two sub-committee under the boards on the implementation of gazette notification. The sub-committee of KRMB consists of four chief engineers from Genco and irrigation department and five from KRMB.

Ravi Kumar Pillai of KRMB is appointed as convener of the sub-committee.

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