Petrol And Diesel Prices Increase In Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi And Kolkata For 2nd Consecutive Day

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For the second consecutive day, metro cities and Indian states witnessed a hike in fuel prices.

After reporting a rise in fuel prices on the 6th of October, the next day, the nation reported another hike in petrol and diesel prices by 30 paise approximately.

Two wheelers and daily commuters are worrying about the constant rise in prices, and are left with no option but to use public transport for their daily routes. This is the 5th time in the past two weeks that the petrol and diesel prices have increased in India. However, the rise in prices are different in different cities and states.

Cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Kolkata are places where prices crossed the Rs. 100 mark, adding expenses to families using vehicles for their daily transportation. With the rise in fuel prices, rates of private transport services like Uber and Ola are also expected to increase.

The major reason behind the rise in prices is to balance retail prices in line with global developments due to the rise in crude oil prices. In 2021, major Indian states and cities reported a massive hike in fuel, giving no relief to users, especially ones who use vehicles as daily transport.

The petrol price in Delhi is at Rs. 103.24 per liter with an increase of 30 paise and diesel price is at Rs. 91.77 with a hike of 35 paise.

The petrol price in Chennai per litre is at Rs. 100.75 with 26 paise rise and the diesel is priced at Rs. 95.26 per litre with a hike of 33 paise. In Kolkata the petrol and diesel prices are at Rs. 103.94 and Rs. 94.88 per litre, respectively. The fuel prices in Kolkata increased by 29 paise (petrol) and 36 paise (diesel.)

In Mumbai, the petrol price per litre is Rs. 109.25 with a

hike of 29 paise and the diesel price is at Rs. 99.55 per litre with a hike of 38 paise.

In Hyderabad also, prices hit a new high with a hike of 31 paise (petrol) and 38 paise (diesel.) With this, the current prices of petrol and diesel are Rs. 107.40 and Rs. 100.13 per litre, respectively.

State owned fuel retailers, the Indian Oil Corporation Ltd., (IOC,) the Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd (BPCL) and the Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd., (HPCL) resume daily price revision. Everyday fuel prices are updated at 6:00 A.M. Fuel prices differ from state to state depending on the incidence of local taxes such as VAT and freight charges.

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