Telangana Assembly Passes Resolution Against Electricity Amendment Bill 2020 Unanimously

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The Telangana Legislative Assembly, on the 15th of September, adopted a resolution against the proposed Electricity Amendment Bill 2020, issued by the Central Government.

The resolution to this effect was moved by K. Chandrashekar Rao, the Chief Minister of Telangana during the Monsoon session of the Telangana Assembly.

The house approved the resolution unanimously urging the Centre to withdraw the bill.

The Telangana Assembly said the bill proposed by the Government of India is against the federal spirit envisaged by the constitution, aimed at usurping powers of the States.

Mr. Rao said, “Through this resolution, the Telangana Assembly demanded the Centre not to impose the proposed Act on the people of the nation and immediately withdraw the proposed Bill.” He further added, “The Bill in its present form is dangerous. The centre has sent us a draft and I have discussed the provisions of the bill and wrote a letter to the Prime Minister urging him to withdraw the proposal. As I understand the centre is going ahead with the introduction of the Bill in the present session itself.”

KCR said that both the Congress and BJP led governments at the centre have centralised power which is against the dictums of the Constitution. 

The Telangana Assembly session started from the 7th of September and is scheduled till the 28th of September.

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