Telangana’s Low Sample Test May Increase Cases, Only 22,842 Tests Till 14th May

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The low sample testing for the Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19 cases is expected to be a matter of concern in Telangana. 

On the 17th of May, the Telangana Government data showed, the Telangana Medical department conducted a total of  22,842 sample tests, 1,388 were positive, while the total cases reported till the 17 May increased to 1,551. 

If compared, tests in other states are in the lakhs, for instance, Andhra Pradesh conducted 2.01 lakh tests, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra conducted 2.79 lakh and 2.30 lakhs tests respectively.

Initially, Dr. Etela Rajender, the Health Minister of Telangana, revealed, till the 28th of April, Telangana conducted 19,063 tests for the infection.  The Telangana Government stopped sharing the data on sample testing from the 1st of May.

However, after a long 18 days, the State Health Ministry on the 17th of May, during a press conference released the data of sample tests conducted.  The Telangana Health Ministry conducted 22,842 tests till the 14th of May, which means the State conducted only 3,779 tests  from the 29th of April till the 14th of May.  Telangana has a population of 3.52 crores, out of which according to the released data only 22,842 were tested for the Novel Coronavirus.

Due to the low sample testing, doctors of Telangana believe the number would increase once the State Government intensifies the tests in Telangana.

However, the Telangana Government refused the allegations and said the State Government is following the guidelines of the Indian Council of  Medical Research (ICMR.)

Senior health care practitioners from Hyderabad raised doubts over the State’s testing numbers.  A doctor who wished to be anonymous said, “There are many people who are showing symptoms of COVID-19 and we need more tests.  The thing is that the disease is too widespread and looks like it is going to come in waves.”  Another doctor who wished to remain anonymous said, “They (medical department) are now doing the tests, but the cases could be much higher.” The area with higher number of the Novel Coronavirus is Hyderabad which is also a Red Zone for the spread of the virus.  In Hyderabad four areas–  LB Nagar, Karwan, Malakpet and Charminar areas are reporting highest cases in the City 

In regard to this, the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) is scheduled to conduct a Cabinet meeting on the 18th of May.

Meanwhile, Telangana has a total of 1,551 positive cases, 525 active cases, 992 recovered and 34 deceased.

Stay tuned for further updates.


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