TRS Party Secures Majority Of Votes In GWMC Elections

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The Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) and victory of the pink party continues as it won in the Nagarjuna Sagar by-poll elections and the Greater Warangal Municipal Elections (GWMC.)

The TRS party also bagged a grand victory in the Mini Municipal elections as the results were released.  The TRS party has emerged victorious in five of the five municipal elections held in the state. With the acquisition of Warangal and Khammam Corporations by TRS, Double Josh came into the pink cadre. Nakirekal municipality in Nalgonda district has 20 wards, of which TRS 12, Congress 2 and six others have won. The ruling party won 7 seats in the Kottur municipality of Rangareddy district. TRS won 7 out of 12 divisions while Congress won in 5 divisions. Nagar Kurnool District Achanpeta Municipality has 20 divisions while TRS has won 13 and won the chairmanship. Elsewhere, Congress won 6, BJP 1.

The TRS, on the other hand, owns a large number of divisions in the Mahabubnagar District Judicial Municipality. Out of a total of 27 divisions, 23 of them were won by TRS. Congress 2, BJP 2 matched the divisions. It seems that Minister Harish Rao has done magic in Siddipet municipality of Siddipet district. In Siddipet municipality, which has 43 seats, TRS has a combined 36 seats. BJP and MIM won one and the others won in 5 divisions. Everyone thought the ruling party would sweep clean, but soon missed that opportunity.

The TRS is also active in these corporations. TRS also owns Greater Warangal and Khammam Corporations. In Warangal, the TRS Party won 48 seats in 66 divisions. While the BJP owns 10, Congress has won four seats. The Independents won four. Khammam Corporation has 60 divisions, with the ruling party TRS owning the largest number of divisions. The TRS party won in 43 divisions and hoisted the pink flag over the corporation. The Congress party won 10 divisions and the BJP won one seat while the CPI-2, CPM-2 and Independents won two seats.


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