Video Of Telangana Cop Misbehaving With A Father Goes Viral

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On the 26th of February, a video of a Telangana cop kicking a man went viral all over social media platforms, drawing criticism for the Telangana Police.

In the video, the man was seen obstructing the police from shifting his dead daughter’s remains to the body freezer for an autopsy. When he was not leaving the body, the police started kicking him, dragging him and manhandling him.
The man in the video is identified as Chandrashekar, a resident of Mahboobnagar, Telangana and had recently lost his 16 year old daughter.

On the 25th of February, a 16 year old Sandhya Rani committed suicide at her hostel bathroom by hanging herself to death. She was a 1st year Intermediate student of Narayana Junior College at Velimela.

While the college authority said it to be a suicide, Sandhya’s family blamed the ignorance of the management and deemed it as a murder.

Sandhy’s father Chandrashekar said she had a high fever since the past two days and complained about her health to the concerned people in the hostel. However, the college authority and hostel administrators ignored her condition and even refused to allow her to go back home.

Two days later, the management found Sandhya dead in her hostel bathroom and informed her parents.
Demanding an explanation from the College management, the parents with the support of local student unions, staged a protest outside the college campus demanding justice for their child.

Though management met the parents and tried to explain their stand, the parents refused to hear them and demanded strict action against the management for their alleged negligence.

On the other hand, the police constable, N. Sridhar, who misbehaved with Chandrashekar, is facing charges . The Sangareddy Police Station launched an enquiry against N. Sridhar and an investigation for the same is underway.

Twitter users also expressed anger over the misbehaviour of the Telangana cop and criticised the State police with #TelanganaPolice.


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