Warangal Migrant’s Murder Mystery Solved, Murderers Confessed

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The Warangal death case of 9 migrant workers has been solved by the Warangal police.

On the 21st of May, Telangana’s Warangal rural district reported a mysterious death case of 9 people hailing from West Bengal, Bihar and Tripura.

While 6 people were from one family who shifted to Telangana from West Bengal 20 years back, the other 3 deceased people hailed from Bihar and Tripura.  

According to the sources, the dead bodies were found on the 21st of May and the 22nd of May.  The police first recovered four bodies on the 21st of May from the well and the remaining 5 bodies the next day (22nd of May.) 

The family of 6 members  identified as Mohammed Maqsood, his wife Nisha, their daughter Busra and sons Shabaz, Sohail and a three year old son, whose name is yet to  be known.  The other three deceased migrants were  living in the next room to the family and believed to have food together a night before.

Initially the case was suspected to be a suicide case due to the eocnomic crisis in the wake of the lockdown.

However, after an investigation, it is revealed Sanjay Kumar Jhaa with three of his friends allegedly killed the 9 migrants.  Sanjay Kumar said he with his friends mixed overdose of sleeping pills in the soft drink of the 9 people  and later threw their bodies in the well.

He confessed the crime and said he had a relationship with Busra who was separated from her husband. 

 However, Busra decided to end her relationship with Sanjay, which fumed him and led to the murder of the family.  In addition, he also killed the three other migrants who had close relationships with Busra’s family.

They executed their plan on the night of the 20th of May, when Maqsood hosted a party on his son’s birthday.

The Warangal police registered a case against Sanjay and his companions in the crime and arrested them.

The investigation and interrogation regarding the murder case is underway.


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