Now Destressing Service Available at Your Doorstep – Thanks to A Startup With Dogs To Cuddle!

In today’s era when the tensions out race technology, there is a dire need to de-stress. And what better way than a bundle of cuddles that will always light up your face and never get tired of you. If you think that you possibly couldn’t find such a companion, then think again! This Gurgoan based startup is bringing dogs to your doorstep just so that you can find that moment of peace and pure joy to make you forget your day’s troubles.

Fur Ball Story - Destressing Dogs

Fur Ball Story, the startup, was founded by Shrishti Sharma (a law student,) Animesh Katiar (a lawyer,) Arushi Dixit (a designer) and Kunal Daral (an IT professional) who got inspired by Shrishti’s college using dogs to attract students to attend the lectures. The four put their minds together and built a startup around the idea that people really like dogs, like seriously! The company owns three therapy dogs – Muffin (a labrador,) Cocoa (a shih tzu) and Angel (a golden retriever) — who are trained as therapy dogs and can meet over 40-50 people in a day without barking or snapping at them.

Muffin - Fur Ball Story - Destressing Dogs

Cocoa - Fur Ball Story - Destressing Dogs
Cocoa – Fur Ball Story – Destressing Dogs
Angel - Fur Ball Story - Destressing Dogs
Angel – Fur Ball Story – Destressing Dogs

When asked about the startup and its operations, Katiar said, “So far, it (the sessions that they have held) has been word of mouth. We held a session for over 200 employees of a company where one of our friends work. In these sessions, we aimed to de-stress the employees. The feedback was tremendous. In this process, we tried to beat down the fear of dogs in a lot of people by introducing them to cocoa who is generally not utilized for de-stressing people, but it worked just fine for us. They also, held a similar session in IT company Nagarro’s Gurgaon office last month.”

Fur Ball Story, is also looking at expansion plans and aiming for an ambitious run. “We are planning to start a bigger center in Gurugaon, where people can just come and unwind in the company of a lots of dogs. We will also be getting a psychologist to be a part of this center so that people can evaluate their progress. This should tentatively start by the month of May, this year.

dos that help destress at fur ball story

Although a relatively new concept here, this has been tried and tested in the West with amazing results. People over there have experimented with using therapy dogs at airport to lower travel anxiety or even with cancer patients to give them some solace through the pain. Looks like the furries are coming to India now!



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