AP CM Launches YSR Jala Kala Project For Farmers Worth Rs 2,340 Crores

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Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy, the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, on the 28th of September, launched YSR Jala Kala Project.

The project worth Rs. 2,340 crores would benefit farmers of the State for the irrigation process.

Mr. Reddy during the launch event said, “We will stand in support of farmers who do not have irrigation water sources other than borewell water. In all the constituencies, we plan to drill 2 lakh borewells. Not only that, we will also give casing pipes.”

Under the new scheme the State Government would drill nearly 2 lakh borewells for farmers till the next four years.

Mr. Jagan Mohan Reddy said the YSR Jala Kala scheme was in their Party manifesto, which finally was launched.

Mr. Reddy said, “Using hydrogeological information, officials will determine where to drill the bore. The cost of survey and boring will be borne by the Government.” He further added, “My government has taken another step for the sake of farmers, fulfilling the promise made during elections. During my 3,650-km padayatra, I saw the difficulties faced by farmers.”

On the 28th of September, the State Government scheduled drilling of 1,163 borewells one each in the 144 rural constituencies and 19 semi-urban constituencies.

Jagan Mohan Reddy said, “I am very happy to start this scheme because I do not want to lose the faith Andhra farmers reposed in me.”

According to sources, Farmers could apply online or take the help of volunteers in village secretariats for free water.

In regard to this, the State Government has created a dedicated website for farmers to avail of the free borewell drilling service at www.ysrjalakala.ap.gov.in.

Farmers could also contact toll-free number 1902 for suggestions and complaints on the scheme.

In addition, the Jagan Mohan Reddy Government would also decided to install free electric motors on land of eligible small and marginal farmers along with the scheme.

Mr. Reddy said, “For small and marginal farmers, not only drilling bores, we will also go a step ahead and fix motors. Officials said this will cost another Rs 1,600 crores.”

As many as 5 lakh acres of farmland in Andhra Pradesh is expected to benefit from this scheme.

Here are the guidelines for availing the free borewell water for farmers:

A farmer should have a minimum of 2.5 acres and a maximum of 5 acres of land. Otherwise, the farmers were given the opportunity to lay the borewells in collaboration with neighbours land.

Moreover, no previous borewell construction should have been undertaken on that land.

The day on which the farmer drills the bore on the farm is also informed to the farmers through phone via SMS.

If the borewell fails in the first phase, it is possible to drill in the area specified by the expert geologist for the borewell second time.

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