COVID-19 Vaccine: Do Vaccinated People Need To Follow COVID-19 Guidelines?

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Most of the COVID-19 vaccine querries are about how immune a body could be?  How long the developed antibodies would help to fight the Wuhan virus?  How should one act after being vaccinated against the Novel Coronavirus?  Are COVID-19 vaccines safe for people?

Besides these generic searches on the Internet, vaccinated people are questioning if they should follow COVID-19 guidelines, even after being vaccinated?

Answering the most asked question, many medical studies and research revealed that though the doses enhance the immunity system of a body and help to fight the deadly virus, it is advised to follow all the guidelines.  An individual who has been given the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine would be less vulnerable to the virus, than someone who hasn’t received the doses.  After taking both the COVID-19 doses, the immunity system to fight the virus would increase with an efficiency of 95% to 96%.  However, there should be complete precaution being taken by a vaccinated or non vaccinated person. 

It could be said, the two doses of the Novel Coronavirus vaccine assures the safety and health of an individual and reduces the chances of being infected.  However, in rare cases, breakthrough infection cases have been reported in India.  According to this, an individual even after getting vaccinated, reported COVID-19 symptoms and was infected with the virus. 

Considering the quick transmission of the virus and situation, it is suggested to strictly follow COVID-19 guidelines, even after being vaccinated. 

Many health experts have suggested to maintain social distancing, wearing face masks and sanitization a strict protocol for everyone, both vaccinated and non vaccinated individuals. 

In addition, the Government of India and state governments are running campaigns and awareness drives to ensure everyone knows the importance of COVID-19 vaccines and to take their doses.  

So far, 46,15,18,479 doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been administered in India. 

Currently, India has four vaccines available.  Two of them are made in India vaccines and the remaining two are foreign vaccines.  The two India made vaccines are the Serum Institute of India (SII) manufactured Covishield and the Bharat Biotech International Private Limited manufactured COVAXIN.  Among the foreign vaccines, one is the Russian vaccine Sputnik V, manufactured by Dr. Reddy’s Laboratory, Hyderabad, and the second one is the Moderna  vaccine manufactured by Pfizer (USA,) which is only on an import basis. 

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