Telangana COVID-19 Updates: All You Need To Know About Hospitals’ Bed Availability

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The Telangana Government, on the 1st od August, released  a fresh data regarding the availability of hospital beds for the Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19 patients in the State.

According to the released data, Around 14,799 beds are vacant in private and government hospitals across Telangana

In government hospitals there are 6,164 vacant beds, while 2,527 beds are available in private hospitals.

There are a total of 17,081 beds available in both private and government hospitals of which 11,928 are isolation beds, 3,537 oxygen beds, 1,616 oxygen beds.

Total beds in government and private teaching hospitals:

Isolation beds: 11,928 (available,) 749 (occupied) and 11,179 (vacant.)

Oxygen Beds: 3,537 (available,) 1,269 (occupied) and 1,168 (vacant.) 

ICU beds: 1,616 (available, ) 264 (occupied)  and 1,352 (vacant.)

Total: 17,081 (available) 2,282 (occupied) and 14,799 (vacant.)

Beds in government hospitals:

Isolation beds: 2,532 (total,) 749 (ocupied) and 1,783 (vacant.) 

Oxygen beds: 4,663 (total,) 1,269 (Occupied,) and 3,394 (vacant.) 

ICU beds with ventilators: 1,251 (total,) 264 (occupied) and 987 (vacant.)

Total: 8,446 (total,) 2,282 (occupied) and 6,164 (vacant.)

Beds in private hospitals:

Isolation beds: 2,974 (tota,l) 1,668 (occupied) and 1,306 (vacant.)

Oxygen beds: 2,269 (total,) 1,443 (occupied) and 826 (vacant.) 

ICU beds: 1166 (total,) 771 (occupied) and 395 (vacant.)

Total: 6,409 (total,) 3,882 (occupied) and 2,527 (vacant.)

The total number of beds increased with a recent launch of a hospital in Siddipet with 100 beds for the Novel  Coronavirus.

T. Harish Rao, the Finance Minister of Telangana, launched hospitals for COVID-19 patients in Sangareddy and Siddipet. 

Meanwhile, on the 1st of August, with a total of 2,083 new cases, the COVID-19 cases crossed 64,000 in the State. 

However, the recovery rate of Telangana is better than others at 71.60 %.

Stay tuned for further updates. 



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