Telangana Health Department Says No COVID-19 Containment Zones In State

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With the decreasing Novel Coronavirus single day cases, Telangana is now declared to be a containment zone free State. 

On the 12th of January, the Telangana Health Department said due to a significant decrease in COVID-19 cases, there is not a single containment zone in the State.

Since last week, the number of single day spikes is between 200 to 400, compared to the previous 500 and above cases.

In addition, the Telangana Health Department is also conducting everyday tests between 40,000 to 60,000.

After the Telangana High Court (HC) directed the State Government to conduct more number of tests, the State Health Department increased the single day COVID-19 tests.

The State Health Ministry said, “It is observed, in the cases which recorded during the last one month, either there is no symptom of the disease or they were of a very minor nature and hence they decided to keep the patient in home isolation.” The Department further said, “In view of asymptomatic patient and decrease in the virus spread, there is no need to declare the whole area as a containment zone. Therefore, the Health Department has decided to end all the containment zones which were mostly in (the) Greater Hyderabad, Rangareddy and Malkajgiri.”

The GHMC, Malkajgiri and Rangareddy were districts with the maximum number of COVID-19 cases.

Meanwhile, in the State, the active cases of the Novel Coronavirus is also below 5,000.

Till the 13th of January, has 2,90,640 positive cases, of which 2,84,611 are recovered/discharged cases, 4,458 active cases and 1,571 deceased.

Telangana is one of the Indian states with the COVID-19 recovery rate at 97.92 % and fatality rate at 0.54 %.


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