Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Episode 13 Highlights

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In the thirteenth episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 3, all the house members shared about the emotional and painful events which happened in their lives.

Episode 13 (August 2) Highlights: Emotional house members and their painful stories

The 13th episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 3 began with an energetic song, to which the house members woke up and danced.

Later, Varun Sandesh, the new Captain of the house, assigned tasks to the members of the house.  It was shown how Vithika explained to Varun Sandesh how to run the house. She also warned everyone not to speak English in the house as it is against the rules of Bigg Boss Telugu.

On the other hand, Ali Reza was speaking to Mahesh Vitta regarding the captaincy selection and asked him why some people did not vote for him.

During the episode, Bigg Boss announced a task, in which house members had to collect coins which they could use for the Luxury Budget Task.

Siva Jyothi, Rohini and Ravi Krishna performed the task and won Rs. 3,300 for the house budget.

Varun Sandesh also consulted Bigg Boss about whether home furnishing could be a part of the Luxury Budget Task.

Bigg Boss also asked each member of the house to share about some emotional events which took place in their lives.

Ali Reza recollected an incident which occurred while he was travelling with his wife.

Jafar shared memories of his elder sister.

Rohini spoke about an accident as well.

Ravi Krishna spoke about his financial problems when he was a struggling actor.

Mahesh Vitta recollected an incident about losing his friend.

Baba Bhasker spoke about his family members and made the house members cry.

Srimukhi cried after she spoke about her grandfather.

Himaja shared about her relationship with her mother.

Savitri wept over her love story.

Rahul also narrated his love story.

Vitika and Varun Sandesh spoke about their love and their families.

The episode ended with the emotional stories of the house members.

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