Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 Highlights Of Independence Day Special Episode

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In the 26th episode of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3, which was aired on the 15th of August, the house members celebrated the 73rd Independence Day of India.

The 26th episode was a peaceful one with no quarrels and disputes among the house members.

Episode 26 (August 15th) highlights: The house members perform skits

The episode started with the patriotic song Vinara Vinara.  After the song was over, the house members loudly chanted ‘Vande Matram.’

In yesterday’s episode, Srimukhi and Himaja mischievously annoyed Baba Bhaskar regarding cleaning and tried to find faults in Baba Bhaskar’s cleaning.  However, Baba Bhaskar showed them how to clean the living area, which was their task.

On the other hand, Himaja and Srimukhi discussed the strategy to play the game.  During the discussion, Srimukhi and Ravi Krishna told Himaja, Rahul Sapligunj would be safe in the weekend elimination.

Later in the day, Bigg Boss called Ali Reza, the new captain of the house, to shop for the luxury budget.

After the shopping, Bigg Boss asked the house members to assemble in the living area and perform a skit on the special occasion of Independence Day.

After the skit, all the members celebrated the occasion and danced to patriotic songs.  The episode ended with members dancing and enjoying.

In the next episode, the house members will be seen discussing the skits which they performed on the 15th of August.

Stay tuned for further updates.


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