Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 Weekend Episodes Highlights

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Bigg Boss Telugu season 3 completed two weeks of its broadcast, on the 4th of August.  This season, Akkineni Nagarjuna is hosting the show.

In the 14th and 15th episode, Bigg Boss announced the second member of the house who was eliminated, after Hema.

Weekend Episode 14 and Episode 15 Highlights: The second elimination

Episode 14 (August 3rd):

Nagarjuna entered with the My Prince song and shared that approximately 4 million viewers watch the 3rd season of Bigg Boss Telugu.

The episodes which were aired till now were full of drama with an elimination, emotional stories of house members and tasks by Bigg Boss.

The 14th episode started with a conversation between Varun Sandesh, Vithika and Punarnavi Bhupalam talking about the elimination.

Nagarjuna interacted with the house members with the help of a TV.  Angry with Tamanna for her action, Nagarjuna criticised her and also discussed the actions of Ali Reza, Mahesh Vitta and Varun Sandesh.

Later, Nagarjuna asked the house members to play a small game, in which they were asked to give a gold scratch and black scratch to the house members.  The gold scratch was given to the heroes of the house, whereas the black one to the villains of the house.

Majority of the house members crowned Baba Bhasker as the hero of the series and Varun Sandesh and Tamanna as the villains of the house.

After the game, Nagarjuna announced the names of the 4 members who were safe from elimination.  They were Mahesh, Himaja, Rahul and Srimukhi. The remaining members were in the elimination round.

The episode ended with suspense about who would be eliminated on the 4th of August.

Episode 15 (August 4th):

Nagarjuna entered with a friendship day song and wished everyone a happy Friendship Day.

To celebrate Friendship Day, Nagarjuna asked everyone to pick a friendship band from the bowl given and tie it to someone in the house.

In the 15th episode, Nagarjuna welcomed Ram Pothineni and Nidhhi Agerwal, the leads of the recent blockbuster iSmart Shankar.

Everyone in the house was excited to see Ram and Nidhhi in the house and had a great time with them.  They danced on the songs of iSmart Shankar and played games with them.

While leaving the house, Ram announced Varun Sandesh, who was in the elimination round, was safe.

At the end of the 15th episode, Nagarjuna announced based on the votes of the viewers, Jaffar was eliminated from the house.

Jaffar packed his bags and came out of the house.  While interacting with Nagarjuna, Jaffar said he though Bigg Boss Telugu is scripted and his exit was planned even before he arrived, but he was wrong.

The episode ended with the elimination of Jaffar.


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