On the occasion of Tamil actor Kamal Haasan’s 63rd birthday, the actor launched an app called Maiam Whistle. The actor launched the app he calls ‘e-vigil’ for the common people to fight corruption and bureaucratic inefficiency.

At the launch of the app, Haasan was quoted saying, “My app is a platform for the common man to fight the corrupt practices in the State. I is a forum for every citizen.” Haasan hopes the app would be a digital platform to reach out to the people of Tamil Nadu.

Haasan said, “Whistle denotes whistleblowing in order to find out wrong. The app will help people blow the whistle.” The actor also said the app will only be functional in January 2018. He said, “My app is to be launched in January. It is under research and development stage. It is like telling the script of the film before filming it. It is no great invention. Just a permutation and combination to bring out the best app for people.”

Haasan also stated his party would not tolerate people with dubious antecedents. The actor further added that he is in politics for good and aims to make a difference.