Rajinikanth Withdraws Decision To Launch Political Party Due To Recent Health Issues

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Tamil superstar Rajinikanth on the 29th of December, announced not to enter politics after his recent health issue.

Mr. Rajinikanth who recently announced to launch his political party and enter politics in 2021 now withdrew his decision.

Rajinikanth said, “I regret to inform that I am not going to launch a political party.”

Addressing the media, Mr. Rajinikanth said, “I will serve people in whatever ways I can without entering electoral politics.” He said, “If I contest the elections, the people who begin their political journeys with me are likely to face significant physical, mental and financial challenges. And I don’t wish to scapegoat my comrades simply because rumours and speculation will fly if I say I’m a man of my word, that I intend to enter the political fray but just that I won’t contest the elections this year. Therefore, with utmost sadness, I announce that I’m not going to float a political party and enter politics.”

Mr. Rajinikanth said, “noring my doctors’ and well-wishers’ advice, I went to Hyderabad for filming. We took great precautions but even so four people out of a crew of 120 tested positive for COVID-19. The director immediately stopped filming and we all received medical attention. At the same time, I got high BP and was hospitalised. High or low BP is bad for me because they affect my transplanted kidney badly. Under doctors’ advise, I stayed at the hospital for three days and was supervised. In view of my bad health, the producer Kalanadhi Maran [scion of the DMK family] postponed filming.”

On the 25th of December, Mr. Rajinikanth was admitted to Apollo Hospital, Hyderabad.

On the late evening of the 25th of December, an Apollo Hospital spokesperson released a statement saying the star actor had an uneventful night and his blood pressure, although on the higher side, is under better control.

Mr. Rajinikanth was discharged on the 27th of December and is currently at his Chennai residence.

The decision of not launching his political party disappointed the fans of Superstar Rajinikanth.

On the 12th of December, actor Rajinikanth announced the launch of his political partyDecember the Rajini Makkal Mandram (RMM) officially.

Mr. Rajinikanth was scheduled to make an official announcement regarding his political party on the 31st of December.

Stay tuned for further updates.


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