Real Hero For Migrants, Sonu Sood Sends 1,000 Migrants Home Through Special Trains

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Sonu Sood, a Bollywood actor, once again came to the fore by sending 1,000 migrants to their homes in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar from Maharashtra.

The Bollywood actor is trending on all social media platforms for his good works, being a messiah for all the stranded migrant workers and students in South India and Maharashtra.  Mr. Sood sped up his work from the 1st of June, after a meeting with the Maharashtra Governor and organised a train for 1,000 migrants.

He personally supervised the arrangements like food and water for the migrant workers in the special trains, which is not the Shramik Express, organized by the Central Government.

The migrants left for Uttar Pradesh and Bihar on two special trains from Thane station on the 1st of June, after the Indian Railways resumed railway services.

Soun Sood in a statement said,  “The trains with the migrants left today (the 1st of June) from Thane, (Maharashtra) to Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.  We have arranged meal kits and sanitisers for all our travellers.  I thank the Maharashtra Government for their support.  I am making sure to do everything in my capacity to help our migrants.  I have pledged to not stop until the last migrant reaches home.”

Sonu Sood who is famous for negative roles in movies brings positivity for the stranded migrant workers across India, helping them with food and reaching their homes.

Recently, on the 31st of May, the actor airlifted 177 stranded girls in Kerala to reach Bhubaneswar.

In addition 150 women workers were also sent back to their homes in Odisha on a chartered plane by Sonu Sood.  His team is making sure they help the majority of migrants to reach back to their homes.

Sonu Sood is personally working for 20 hours in a day to ensure the activity with speed.  He also took to his social media and announced a  toll free number and WhatsApp number to reach out to him for help.


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 The actor received a lot of praise for his work as in the current scenario, where everyone is performing their bit by donating.  However, this actor took it to a personal level and helped a section of the society.

Twitter is flooded with praise for Sonu Sood, who started the social work since lockdown 4.0., began on the 4th of May.

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