Superstar Rajinikanth’s Health Condition Is Stable, Confirms Apollo Hospital Authority

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Tamil Superstar Rajinikanth health condition is steady.

On the 25th of December, Mr. Rajinikanth was admitted to Apollo Hospital, Hyderabad.

On the late evening of the 25th of December, the Apollo Hospital authority released a statement and said, ” the star actor had an uneventful night and his blood pressure, although on the higher side, is under better control.

The doctor’s team treating Mr. Rajinikanth said, “His investigations have not revealed anything alarming so far. He is scheduled for a further set of investigations on Saturday, reports of which will be available by the evening. Based on investigations and control of blood pressure, a decision on his discharge will be taken by the evening.” 

Rajnikanth’s blood pressure medications are being titrated carefully and he will continue to be under close monitoring. By titration, the doctors would monitor the progress and would limit potential side effects of drugs and medicines on Rajinikanth’s health and body. With this, they would also monitor the how his body would react to the medicines and drugs given.

The doctor’s team further added, “He has been advised complete rest in view of his blood pressure and visitors are not being allowed to meet him.”

The actor turned politician Rajinikanth was in Hyderabad for the shooting of Annatthe.


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