Wax Museum In Punjab Sparks A Laugh Riot On Social Media

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Wax Museum In Punjab Sparks A Laugh Riot On Social Media

The new wax museum in Punjab has sparked a laugh riot on social media. The statues at Prabhakar’s Wax Museum in Ludhiana are whacky and hardly resemble the celebrities supposed to portray. Chandrashekar Prabhakar is the artist who believes he replicates wax statues of those people who have made a difference.   

Some feel it is unsavory to make fun of this “artist’s” hard work. However, if the struggle was put into replicating something and it drastically failed, it calls for some mockery. It is obvious the “artist” has put in a lot of work and money to get the wax statues to stand but that’s about it. None of them even remotely resemble the celebrities, making it very hard to appreciate the efforts of this artist.

Art is a way of expressing any kind of inspiration and presenting it to enlighten people. If this artist is serious about the true form of art he would have spent time on something with a better outcome. The same money and hard work could have been put into a much better plan that would result in appreciation and not hate. 

The wax museum that opened on Sunday unveiled a total of 52 statues of celebrities. They include a “female” version of Abdul Kalam, a Chinese looking Kapil Sharma and a Mother Teresa risen from the dead.

Sachin Tendulkar
Barack Obama and Narendra Modi
Mr. Bean
Mother Teresa
Michael Jackson
Kapil Sharma
Abdul Kalam


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