21 Sikh Couples Tie Knot In Hyderabad

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Twenty one Sikh couples, on the 12th of May, tied the knot as a part of a mass wedding ceremony in Hyderabad, Telangana.

Mass weddings of couples from across the Country, took place at Guru Gobind Singhji Sports Ground in Ameerpet, Hyderabad.

Couples from Karnataka, Maharashtra and Telangana, who could not afford the cost of a wedding were married during the ceremony.

The wedding ceremony was organised by the Prabandhak Committee of Gurudwara Saheb and Sadh Sangat, free of cost. The committee arranged all the necessary items for the nuptials, from the procession, to the wedding dress and jewellery, the couples experienced a grand wedding.

The Prabandhak Committee of Gurudwara Saheb and Sadh Sangat has been organising these mass matrimonials since the last 13 years.

The weddings on the 12th of May marked the 13th year of celebrating these mass wedlocks, by the Committee.

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