Punjab Girls Write Letter With Blood To President Of India

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Nisha and Aman Jot Kaur, residents of Moga city in Punjab, on the 5th of July, wrote a letter with their blood to Ram Nath Kovind, the President of India.

In the letter, the girls asked for help and justice to clear the false accusations against them and their families.

According to sources, there were cases filed against these two girls, alleging them of ‘kabutarbaazi,’ fraud and cheating under Section 420 of the Indian Penal Code.

Nisha and Aman Jot, who are trapped in the false cases since a long time, demanded euthanasia for their entire families. The girls said, if the judiciary system of India cannot give them justice, they should give them the permission for euthanasia.

Nisha and Aman Jot addressed the media and said, “Two false cases of Kabutarbaazi and cheating and fraud have been filed against us under Section of 420 the Indian Penal Code. We have been urging police to investigate the matter as we have been trapped in false cases but they are not listening to us.”

They further added, “We have demanded euthanasia for the whole family if we do not receive justice.”

The girls also said, the complainants are threatening them and they are living in fear.

However, Kuljinder Singh, the Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) of Moga, denied the allegations made by the two girls and said, the Moga Police are trying their best to solve the case.

Mr. Singh said, “These two (girls) came to me and told me that they do financial work. They received a check on the basis of security and another party filed a case as they considered them as agents, who have given money to send their son abroad.”

When asked for his response regarding the letter to the President of India, Kuljinder Singh said, “I have heard they have sent a letter to the president but I have not received any official information in this regard. We will resolve the case soon. It took time as complainants are not helping in the investigation even after we sent them a summons.”

The investigation regarding the case is going on.

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