Reebok’s Chief Marketer Resigns

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Melanie Boulden, the Chief Global Marketer and Brand Management Head, on the 28th of June, resigned from her post.

Melanie, who joined Reebok as the Chief Global Marketer in 2018, will now join Coca Cola as the General Manager of the Venturing and Emerging Brands (VEB) division.

After the exit of Melanie, Matt Blonder will be the new Chief Global Marketer and Brand Manager. He will have a new title—Vice President of Marketing and Digital Brand Commerce.

According to sources, the reason behind Melanie’s sudden exit from Reebok is her wish to be closer to her family in North America.

Ms. Boulden will report to Jim Dinkins, the President of Coca Cola in North America and will contribute to the efforts of VEB in terms of investment, entrepreneurs, companies, new products and technologies.

Ms. Boulden will take over as the General Manager of Coca Cola’s VEB from the 5th of August.

Stay tuned for further updates.


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