Telangana – Hyderabad Police Says Do Not Spread Rumours

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The Hyderabad Police, on the 12th of June, took to Twitter and asked people not to spread rumours about people going missing in Telangana.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are sharing alert messages and posts regarding the Telangana missing people case.

Recently, a pronounced newspaper of Telangana, Eenadu, published a report, according to which, more than 500 people went missing in the last 45 days in the State.

According to the sources, the majority of these missing cases were registered in Hyderabad and its nearby areas.

Hyderabad Police deemed the report to be fake and said, “There has been widespread of rumours on Missing Women & Children, It is not true. Police take all possible steps to trace who go missing. During last year 87% missing were traced & tracing of the remaining is still going on till date. If anyone ‘spread rumours’ will face ‘legal actions.”

Swati Larka, Inspector General of Police and Women’s Safety, also explained the logic behind the increasing number of missing cases. She said, “The numbers are not alarming. Summer is the time when a large number of missing cases are filed. And most of these are children who run away from homes in fear of exams or before schools reopen and in all these incidents, parents file a case within 3-4 hours of the child going missing. But an important thing to be noticed here is that a considerable number of these children return home once the panic dies down. But since the cases are filed, they become a part of the state statistics (sic.)”

Anjani Kumar, the Commissioner Police of Hyderabad, took to Twitter and asked the citizens of Telangana not to believe the news as it is fake.

The Hyderabad Police also issued a press release regarding the same.

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