Whiz Kid Finds a Use for the Old 500 Currency Notes

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In Nuapada district in Odisha, a 17 year old science student put his brains into creating a technique to convert 500 currency notes into electricity. His brilliant innovation has grabbed Nationwide attention. The Prime Minister has instructed the State Science and Technology Department to submit a report on the project.

Lachman Dundi is a student from Khariar College and has found a way to generate 5 volts of electricity with one 500 rupee note. He explained the method in which it works, “I used the silicon coating on the note to create energy. I tore up the note so that the coating is visible, which I exposed to direct sunlight. The silicon plate has to be connected to a transformer with an electric wire. This can help generate electricity.”

The Prime minister wrote to the Odisha Government to verify Dundi’s claim on April 12. Then on May 17th, the Odisha Government instructed the department tasked to study Dundi’s project to send a report to the PMO.

Dundi also said, “I have created a transformer that can store the charge from the silicon plate. It will be a proud moment for me if the PMO appreciates my innovation.”

Following Demonetisation, I tried to discover the best possible way of using the banned notes. I tore up a note and found the silicon plate. From here, I started my research and succeeded in producing electricity,” said Dundi.

The innovative boy also said it took him 15 days to figure out the proper dynamics of the project. Dundi presented his project to his college and said, “When nobody took notice, I wrote to the Prime Minister and Chief Minister.”

Dundi, a son of a farmer, is no stranger to how electricity works as the boy makes a living by producing and selling bulbs.


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