Chris Rock Breaks Silence Over Will Smith’s Slap Incident

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During a stand-up show in Boston, Chris Rock said, “I don’t have a bunch of shit about what happened, so if you come to hear that, I have a whole show I wrote before this weekend, and I’m still kind of processing what happened”.

The statement of Chris Rock was related to the recent incident where Will Smith slapped him on the stage, at the 84th Academy Awards (Oscars 22.)  He further assured to talk about the incident, saying, “It’ll be serious and it’ll be funny”.

Calling the incident weird, Chris Rock said, “Other than the weird thing, life is pretty good.”

The Boston show came just three days after Smith struck the comedian for making a joke about his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith.  Wearing all white for his performance, Rock appeared almost embarrassed by the numerous standing ovations he received.

He appeared to get emotional at one point as the applause carried on for minutes – with fans yelling “I love you, Chris!”

Meanwhile, after the slap incident, Smith officially apologized through Instagram.

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