Airtel Partners With Qualcomm For 5G Services In India

The wait for 5G network in India is almost going to be over, as Bharti Airtel and Qualcomm Technologies on the 23rd of February, announced a collaboration on 5G services roll out in India. 

According to sources, with this collaboration Airtel’s network vendors and device partners would utilize the Qualcomm® 5G RAN Platforms to roll out virtualized and Open RAN-based 5G networks in India.

The flexible design of Open-RAN would be a huge advantage for small and medium sized businesses to become viable players in the deployment of 5G networks.

With this collaboration 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) that is designed to deliver broadband would also be in the market, aiming for faster broadband services at affordable prices.

Airtel 5G solutions including FWA services would be able to deliver multi gigabit internet speeds wirelessly to customers and open up a wide range of innovations.  

Randeep Sekhon, CTO of Bharti Airtel said, “Airtel has been a pioneer of new technologies and our networks are fully ready for 5G. We are delighted to have Qualcomm Technologies as a key technology provider in our journey to roll-out world class 5G in India. With Airtel’s integrated service portfolio and Qualcomm Technologies’ 5G leadership, we will be well placed to usher India into the next era of hyper-fast and ultra-low latency digital connectivity.”

Rajen Vagadia, the Vice President, QUALCOMM India Private Limited and President of Qualcomm India said, “There is a compelling case to accelerate the roll-out of 5G networks in India, as it will help fast-track the country’s socio-economic growth and development. We are pleased to be working with Airtel, and we are excited by the opportunity ahead. This collaboration is expected to play a critical role in Airtel’s plans to add 5G network coverage and capacity where and when it is needed the most.”

With the launch of 5G services in India, the internet speed would be 20 times more than at the existing rate. However, India is yet to auction 5G airwaves and once it is done, Indians would use 5G networks.  

The update about the progress of 5G acceleration in India came after a recent live demonstration of 5G over a LIVE commercial network in Hyderabad. 

India is likely to witness 5G services by 2022.

However, an official update about the same is awaited.

Stay tuned for further updates.


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