Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali Launches Coronavirus Cure, Ayurvedic Medicine Kit

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On the 23rd of June, Patanjali Yogpith, Haridwar based company of Baba Ramdev launched a medicine kit for the Novel Coronavirus.

The ayurvedic kit was in process for a long time and was finally launched in the market after successful trials. 

Named as Coronil Swasari is ayurvedic medicine to cure the deadly Novel. Coronavirus or COVID-19.

Baba Ramdev, famous Yoga Guru of India said the ‘Coronil and Swasari’ kit would not only enhance immunity but would also be a cure for the virus. 

He said, “The medicine has healed a Covid-19 patient within 3-7 days.  Our clinical trials have proved the efficacy of the medicine to be 100%.  We are proud to present the first-ever ayurvedic medicine for the viral infection the world is grappling with.  The medicine has been prepared by the combined efforts of Patanjali Research Centre and Nizam I Institute of Medical Sciences.” 

During a press conference in Haridwar, Ramdev Baba said Patanjali conducted such trials and after a satisfied results, the kit has been launched in the market. 

He said,”Under this study, a total of 280 patients had recovered.  The medicines checked the complications and there was no loss of lives.”

The Corona kit would be available at Rs. 545 and would be used for 30 days. 

Acharya Balkrishna, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Patanjali and spoke about the Availability of the kit and said it would be available in a week at all Patanjali stores. 

He further said,  “We are also planning to launch an android mobile application which will come handy in delivering of the Corona kits at doorsteps.”

This is the first medicine kit consisting of Ayurvedic remedies to cure the Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19. The major compounds used to prepare the medicine are Tulsi, Ashwagandha and Giloy. 

The launch of the medicine came at a time when India crossed nearly 4.40 lakh cases of the Novel Coronavirus. 

Globally, the number crossed 9 million positive cases

Stay tuned for further updates. 


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