Google Search Shows PM Modi As The Most Stupid Prime Minister


Modi stupid pm
Google Lists PM Modi As The Most Stupid Prime Ministers In The World: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is en route to make India as the most desired destination to stay, by bringing in reforms and attracting a lot of foreign investment to the country. He was also featured on the cover page of the coveted TIME Magazine that projected his vision for the country.


Well, with most Indians agreeing that Narendra Modi, is perhaps one of the best Prime Ministers of the country, Google completely thinks otherwise. In fact, Google considers Narendra Modi as one of the most stupid Prime Ministers in the world.

PM MODI In most stupid prime ministers


Yes, you heard it right. Google has yet again done something very atrocious as it has placed Indian PM Narendra Modi’s photos under “Most Stupid Prime Ministers” list. The list has Thailand’s ex-prime minister Abhisit Vejjajiva, John Key, Prime Minister of New Zealand, among others.

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This is the second time that Google has targeted Indian Prime Minister. Earlier, it placed Narendra Modi under Top 10 Criminals of the world.

Well, this cannot be termed as a deliberate effort by Google, as Google doesn’t decide what images to place. The images pop up based on the related articles and the SEO done. However, there are hardly any of them who understand this technicality, as most of them today rely on Google for any source of information. Hence, Google should at least put a disclaimer on the top saying the images listed doesn’t reflect their views and is solely based on the related keywords of the articles embedded in Google.

Guess the outrage last time by Indians was not sufficient for the tech giant, as it has again done something very disturbing and annoying which will certainly not go well with most of the Indians.


  1. Salute to google for expressing very openly and boldly which many Indians do feel the same but cannot express like this even being a citizen.

    • Mr varun ak bar sirf modiji ke samne aankh se aankh mila ke dekho aapko google ki jarurat nhi ghar ke ache sansakro ki jarurat hain insan ko or usne under chupi insanniyat ko samjhane ki or vo kya hain kya nhi uska caracter or status show karne ka adhikar google ko nhi diya to jo bhi kisi bhi insan ke bare mein bolte ho uske bare mein pahele sochane ka or fir apne comment kisi bhi social media ho vaha post karene ka i hope u understand my word for u and other who is anti modi and anti indian

      • mr mohan….ek baar modi ji ko boliye ki wo apne waade pure kre jo usne logo se kiye the elections se pehle
        firt baat krna
        saala jhutha hai modi….kisi ka bhala hota wo dekh nahi skda
        mai 100 din me kala dhan lauga….saale tere abhi 100 din hi nahi huyi
        aapne modi ki aankh se aankh milayi hogi to btana k kya sache hai wo?

        • Stupid blind fools like u will only see the promises that weren’t fulfilled.
          The 90% of the promises that were indeed fulfilled, u people won’t appreciate those ever.
          In fact, u don’t even have little sense to understand those in the first place.

          • Can you please list those promises….frankly speaking I really dont know the fulfilled promises….thanks….

          • omg … Wat are those “fulfilled” promises mam… Cant find them anywhere on the internet

          • कौन कहता है PM ने काम नहीं किया।
            ये लीजिए साहेब की 1 साल की उपलब्धियां:-
            * नीता अंबानी के घर का उदघाटन किया ।
            * बाबा रामदेव को Z+ Security दी ।
            *भागवत को Z+ की सुरक्षा दी !
            * रेडियो पर जनता से ‘मन की बात’ शुरु की ।
            * किसानों को आत्महत्या का अधिकार दिया ।
            * विदेशों में जाकर किराये पर स्टेडियम लेकर सटंट किये । 144 चैनलों पर सीधा प्रसारण करवाकर देशवासियों का भरपूर मनोरंजन करवाया ।
            * अदानी भाईयों को 62 हजार करोङ का लोन दिया ताकि वे देश का विकास कर सकें ।
            * सच्चा सौदा वाले बाबा राम रहीम की फिल्म बनवाकर
            सैंसर बोर्ड से पास करवाई (फिल्म को पास करवाने के लिये पूरे सेँसर बोर्ड को ही बदल दिया था ) और भारत के इतिहास में पहली बार जनता को मुफ्त फिल्म दिखाई । साथ ही फिल्म देखने वालों को खाना भी फ्री खिलवाया ।
            * माधुरी दीक्षित को ‘बेटी पढाओ बेटी बचाओ’ सलोगन का ब्रांड एम्बैसडर बनवाया ।
            * बंद पङे रिलायंस पेट्रोल पम्पों को फिर से चालु करवाकर जनता को सुविधा प्रदान की ।
            * गणतंत्र दिवस पर दस लाख का सूट पहनकर प्रधानमंत्री पद की गरिमा बढाई ।
            * योजना आयोग’ का नाम बदलकर ‘नीति आयोग’
            किया ।
            * लोगों को Selfy करना सिखाया ।
            वाह मोदी जी वाह ! क्या गजब है तुम्हारा विकास का

          • Dear Priya I really appreciate if you provide the list of those fulfilled promises, better you improve your knowledge rather than giving false comments totally based on emotion.
            Talk rationally rather than emotionally. I am not anti Modi if does something for nation will be valued and appreciated and if doesn’t will be criticized and condemned.

          • Arif Ji, I appreciate you are not Anti-Modi, but why your are Not wonders me!!! and can you please tell me the list which you think Modi has not done or have done wrong 😉

          • which promises priya can you let us kno……….
            modi had told ppl that he will back off all the 1000 and 500 rupee note from market and 100 rupee will be the largest note in market do u know what that means. I don’t think so >>>>>> it means will stand with Europe countries and no more Indian will leave his own country for searching jobs abroad. it means that other countries ppl will work in our homes and companies as worker. so which promises he has fulfilled please let us kno I am really desperate to kno them. Only one promise he fulfilled and that is a world tour on ppl tax money that promise he has done to him self.

          • Dear madam…

          • Dear mam, please listed out the promises fulfilled by Mr. Modi. May b u don’t know that communal riots increased 24 %, during his rule. Y still people are waiting for black money, where is dawood, pak killing our soldiers, what abt Vyapam many more I can’t mentioned here.

          • Oh really coz we don’t know yet any of his promise which he kept…will you pls enlighten us for dat. Nonsense ppl

          • Modi Sarkar has achieved in its 100 days in Office:

            1. Bringing back Black Money

            The first decision Modi Sarkar took after assuming Office was setting up of a Special Investigative Team (SIT), headed by former Supreme Court Judge MB Shah, to unearth illegal money stashed in tax havens. The SIT has already prepared a comprehensive action plan, including creation of an institutional structure that could enable India to fight the battle against black money.

            2. Bringing economy back on track

            In a bid to arrest inflation, Modi Government asked States to delist fruits and vegetables from the Agriculture Produce Marketing Committee (APMC Act). This decision has protected farmers from the middle men and succeeded in preventing hoarding. This in turn has helped in taming inflation.

            With inflation on check, economic growth is picking up steadily. It is important to note that Indian economy has thrown up the best growth figures in two-and-a-half years. The GDP growth in April-June quarter is the highest in the last nine quarters. This is a sufficient indication that economy is turning around under the leadership of Narendra Modi.

            3. Jan Dhan Yojana

            Modi Sarkar has rolled out the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana. The ambitious scheme aims at a comprehensive financial inclusion by opening of bank accounts of people who have been left out in the process so far. On the inauguration day, a record 1.5 crore bank accounts were opened under this scheme.

            4. Infrastructural development

            The focal point of the Union Budget 2014 was infrastructure, a sector which was neglected in the last 10 years under the Congress-led UPA rule. The Government has attracted large-scale investments in infrastructural sector by reviving the Special Economic Zone (SEZ), streamlining the Public Private Partnership (PPP) models and creating Infrastructural Investment Trusts (InvITs). Work for the ambitious Diamond Quadrilateral rail network — connecting major metros across the country — is in the full swing. The Narendra Modi Government has laid the groundwork for its ambitious ‘100 smart cities’ project. To develop infrastructure in rural areas, the Government has launched Syama Prasad Mookerjee Rurban Mission and Deendayal Upadhyaya Gram Jyoti Yojana. The Government is also working on strengthening and modernising the boarder infrastructure.

            5. Abolishing GOMs, EGoMs

            Prime Minister Narendra Modi has abolished all Group of Ministers (GoMs) and Empowered Group of Ministers (EGoMs) which were set up during the UPA tenure. The move is expediting the process of decision-making in the Ministries and ushering in a greater accountability in the system.

            6. Streamlining bureaucracy

            To take administration closer to people and ensure that governance doesn’t get stuck in red tape, the Narendra Modi Government is streamlining the bureaucracy with thrust on transparency. The Government has amended the All India Service (Conduct) Rules, 1968. The amended guidelines mandate that the bureaucrats must maintain political neutrality, take decisions and make recommendations on merit alone and take decisions solely in public interest.

            7. Disbanding Planning Commission

            Narendra Modi Government has disbanded the 64-year-old Planning Commission. In 1950, then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru formed Planning Commission on the line of erstwhile Soviet Union with an aim to formulating India’s five year plans. But during the 60-year-long Congress rule, the Commission was mostly used as a parking lot for cronies of the grand old party. They did nothing apart from sucking up to Congress and its Prime Ministers. Narendra Modi Government is in the process of replacing the Planning Commission with a new institution keeping in view of India’s needs amid changing global economic scenario.

            8. Recasting judicial appointment

            In a path-breaking initiative, Narendra Government has got the National Judicial Appointments Commission (NJAC) Bill passed in both the Houses of Parliament. The Bill scraps the Collegium System of appointment of Judges of Supreme Court and the High Courts and established a six-member body for the appointment of the Judges. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court will head the NJAC. Besides, the judiciary would be represented by two senior Judges of the Supreme Court. Law Minister and two eminent personalities will be the other members of the Commission.

            9. Weeding out archaic laws

            The Narendra Modi Government is working overtime to weed out archaic rules and legislations from the statute books. Most of them are laws introduced during the colonial British rule and still prevalent in the country. These dysfunctional laws have no relevance in the present day. These are obsolete laws which only hamper governance by creating confusions. It only complicates the legislation process and stand as a hindrance within the system.

            10. Bilateral diplomacy

            Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s SAARC diplomacy was indeed a bold step towards creating an atmosphere for multilateral economic cooperation. The common challenges that these nations face have made Narendra Modi create a common agenda of growth with mutual cooperation. During his visit to Nepal and Bhutan, Narendra Modi used the greater Hindu heritage as an instrument of foreign policy. Modi Government has given a strong message to Pakistan by calling off the Foreign Secretary-level talks after Pakistani High Commissioner to India Abdul Basit met Kashmiri separatists despite clear no from Foreign Ministry. For the first time in India’s history, New Delhi under the leadership of Narendra Modi has asserted that it can’t be bullied by the pressure from the Kashmiri separatists and various lobbyists. Narendra Modi’s ongoing Japan visit underlines the fact that India-Japan Strategic and Global cooperation can shift the balance of power in Asia.

            100 days is too short a time to judge a Government. Let’s wait and watch with patience for the India’s real growth story to take shape in the days to come.

          • I really wondered, Now finally we are talking about development. In last 10yrs, when we were suffering worst with manmohan gov.. He spoiled entire our generation, nobody was thinking of development and now, we are thinking and asking about development, I believe that’s first biggest reform and change in India by #ModiGov. Nowadays entire world is thinking positively on India. And we people are always having short term prospective for anything. And I am asking you all people, Can you please mention, what congress gov.. did for India In past 60yrs. Why nobody are even thinking about that and we are expecting 60 yrs worst work, should compensate in 1,2,,years. of #ModiGov

          • All the 90 % promises that wer fulfilled is what he made to himself , ache din to sirf modi ke hi aaye hai , hahaha! Anyways saare Ek hi hai politicos , it’s just that I don’t understand how can people start loving these killers

          • don’t worry Priya ji, I support you, though I am not a big fan of politics, in these 10 years madarchod salone ek baar bhi sawal nahin kiya ki robert vadra ke paas kithne zameen khaali, rahul gandhi khudne kahan, I am ashamed being Indian, now he reversed, I love being Indian after returning from Thailand (may be later or before). I hope things will change if we wait patiently.

          • One promise fulfilled is: “JAN DHAN YOJANA” with ZERO balance in account!! Only such bank account in the whole world!!!

          • He is the best PM in my eye just because, he done those things which others PM cant even think about it and didn’t do till now. Tell me, anyone do this lot of work in one year like Naredra Modi? If yes then give me his list.

          • Priyaji these idiots are blind and illeterate. They don’t understand the vision neither they think they are insulting the clear mandate. The person who has alerted dangerous US can’t open these idiots minds. Why didn’t the previous govt. smash Pakistan when Mumbai was attacked by Kasab. Where were those goondas like Raj Thakre hiding during the attack. the commission business has been affected so these people are sarcastic on Modiji. Take decision after 4 years whether he should continue or not.

          • All I can tell you he lied to Indians in pre Election rallies,nothing is full filled so far,thank God oil and gas prices are down,or else India’s economy would have been in doldrums by now.

        • jootha to tu hai, pehle yeh batao ki modi aur BJP ne kaba kaha ki 100 din mein black money wapas aayega??
          oolta chor kotwal ko date, pehle khud sach bolna sikho

        • Shabad u seems to be uneducated person, saale katuve tum loagonko aur kya aata hai modi ke burayike bina. khud ko aukat nahi, dusroan ke baare me baat karte ho.

        • m the big fann of modi n i rlly lyk him nd her atitut…n m rlly impressd by his work…nd india jaisi country m dhire dhire hi kch asar hona shuru hoga nd hume jarurt sirf startng ki ti jo ki pm modi n di…n guys dse r live in india dnt b so slfish…

        • Jhut to aap bol rahe ho sabad. 100 din main kala dhan le aayenge. kab kaha tha. Aap log ko modi pasand nahee to koi baat nahee aapke apne vichaar hain, tark hain, par jhoot aur afwahon ka sahara lekar kyon. Sach ke dum par bolo jo bolna hai.

          kaun see bhalai/burai kee baat kar rahe ho. Explain to karo. Aap logon ne khud hee apne man main negative dharana bana lee hai to kaun kya kare. Sunee sunayee baat par yakeen karke mat chalo, apne deemag laga kar aakalan karo.

      • mohan bhagwat is tht you? why do you always have to bullshit, he is prime minister of my nation and as a constituent i am enabled by constitution to say what i feel and think about him. ye sanskar wali train kahan se le aaye bhai tum?

    • दुसरे लोगो पर विश्वास करना आप जैसों की फितरत है कभी अपने घेर राज्य देश और अपने आप मे झांके देखो पता चल जायेगा हजारों साल की गुलामी का असार आप जैसे लोगो मे अभी भी है हमेशा आप जैसे लोग दुसरों पर विस्वास करते है अपने कभी आपको अपने लगे ही नहीं

      • Logon ko selfie main kuch nahee dikhtaa. Par kabhee socha hai selfie ek jariya aankhe kholne kaa. Logon ko janne kaa. duniya main apnee image saaf karne kaa. Modi har kisee ke darwaje to jayenge nahee. to ye ek jariya hai motivation kaa.

        Selfie main negativity nahee hai, positivity hai. Jara socho aur apne dimag main jor dalo.

    • Yes, we must remove him and make either Rahul or Kejriwal our PM. They will then come into the category of best PM of India, and people of India led by your great honour can clap your hands in joy. Who wants development, that is not good for the people of India. Kal tak tho jee rahe they, aage bhi jee lenge, No problem.

    • He’s a pure human with pure intentions for the country. No human is perfect with making the country perfect. Infact, no law or no country is perfect. But he is trying with the purest intention to make India a wonderful place. Dont judge everything by results. Look at the intentions. I dont have all the facts. There may be many things not yet fulfilled by him though promised, but that is possible because everything is not in his hands – he’s trying. Give him 10 years and see how India has changed then you can rate him and his work. And in India you can freely express your thought openly and boldly, so dont have such comments. Think twice before posting against a good human. He has done nothing for me or has done nothing to help me, but he’s trying to change the country with a good intention. May not be what he does has a good effect all the time, but he is trying to. I am stressing on trying because he is sincerely TRYING HARD, without ever talking leave from office, to put India on the global map.

    • Salute ?? Unke Talwe chat lo yar!! salute kyun kar rahe ho? Bina jane samjhe kisi ki bhi chatne ko ready ho jae log ..Did yo try to find out on what grounds they declared that idiotic statement?? Its simply based on the image search. I would recommend you read how the search works on Google..Stop supporting such cheap news which is aimed to get attention. And Mango new you should change you name to Banana news.

    • Oh Please! Google doesn’t curate everything. The political debate in India is such that we have all the keywords attached to our political leadership. Google ‘Best Prime Minister’ and you shall find Narendra Modi’s image at top there too! Nonsensical article and comment.

    • If Google thinks of our Prime Minister in this manner than Google is an idiot company and their top bosses are useless and illiterate. This shows they have no respect for their own President as their President respects Mr. Modi like no one else… after these remarks from Google Mr. Obama should ban Google and arrest all their employees and file a case of defamation… Please the President of USA take strict action against these goons and oblige our nation…

      • With all due respect, I suggest you read the article more closely. It is not google who thinks so. It is the SEO of the image that puts it up on google’s chart when you make a search for it. And just to hint, the CEO of Google is an Indian. ?

        • seriously bro!! u r blind to know only his public deeds…every minister does tht… u r innocent and good man thats y u say this… India is too much for modi to handle…

        • Aur aap andhe Nafratwadi ho jo sirf burai hi dekh sakta hai… Har insaan achha aur bura dono hota hai…bas zaroorat hote hai toh nazar ki jo kisi ki achhai bhi dekh sake… aap dimag ke saath saath ankhon ke doctor se bhi consult karo..zaroorat hai aapko.

        • Yuppp Shabad ji u r rite!!! Why u should bother that more than 80% of population who are not from Metro cities are so humble and simple that if they praise someone like Modi they should go to Doctor for Checkup!!!
          Dr Bajrangi ji Please go and than share the report with Shabad 😉

          Shabad ji why Modi is not Honest and why you think he is not doing and Public Welfare: debate with me buddy and ensure to pull your socks as either I will learn something or you will but EOD there is learning for sure 🙂

        • Gyzz….to all anti modi u are cursing modi..OK can u say me other than modi who can be the best capable PM….gyzz who will hate him always will hate him how much good he do r not..if u think whole nation hates him than he will not be the PM of India I suppose…at least u can see the change of thinking after modi arrived..

      • If he is a bloody Hypocrite…Don’t u guys see at least he is trying…Unlike u all, who r just opposing without any known facts…Mr. Rakesh and all others who r opposing our PM, can u guys tell us here, what have u guys done for this country?? If not u guys better keep yur mouth shut.. I have seen congress govt. also..when they where ruling and now when they are about to get extinct…Bloody Hypocrites…..

      • Yuppp seem to be that you were there or you may share any single piece of news where it has been proven!!!
        Why you can’t stand up for those people who died in Gujarat and share some donations with societies/NGO engaged with them and do something for their cause instead of doing here Kukdu-Ku!!!

        No offense but we can only talk on a news or two without even knowing basic facts behind everything.


  2. actually what u want to prove ,by posting this news article, have u not read the explanation last time given by Google,
    and if not then study, this is not the fault of Google, or they want to portray modi as the stupid p.m., it is the combination of few latest search in Google, nothing else.

    • Wrath of Modi ? You bloody idiot. What will Modi do ? He will ban Google or Google will go through his bloody CBI inquiry ? Bhakt#.

    • BJP सांसदों का एक साल का खर्च २५ करोड़ UPA सरकार का १० साल का खर्च १९ करोड़ रूपये…नवभारत टाइम्स

      मैं तो आपका प्रथम सेवक हूँ
      ना खाऊंगा और ना खाने दूंगा …Narendra Modi
      इस जुमले की पुस्टि करने के लिए इससे बड़ा उद्धरण नहीं मिल सकता
      लूटने में और मौज मस्ती में कांग्रेस को भी पीछे छोड़ दिया है बीजेपी ने । मौन मोदी कब तक मौन रहोगे ? या तो चौकीदार फ़ैल हो गया है या फिर मिला हुआ है । न खाऊंगा न खाने दूंगा भी चुनावी जुमला ही था
      केंद्र की बीजेपी सरकार इन दिनों ‘अच्छे दिन’ वाले जुमले की वजह से आलोचना का शिकार हो रही है। साथ ही तमाम बीजेपी नेता और खुद पीएम मोदी अच्छे दिन आने का दावा कर रहे हैं। ऐसे में आम लोगों के अच्छे दिन आए हों या न आए हों लेकिन बीजेपी के मंत्रियों और सांसदों के ‘अच्छे दिन’ जरूर आए हैं।

    • आखिर रहस्य क्या हैं ?
      अगर “दावुद इब्राहीम ” को भारत मे लाया जाता तो उनके बचाव मे बी जे पी की ओर से वकालत कौन करता ?
      1 – इंदिरा गांधी के हत्यारों का वकील:-राम जेठामलानीसांसद भाजपा
      2 – राजीव गांधी के हत्यारों का वकील:- राम जेठमलानीसांसद भाजपा
      3 – संसद हमले के दोषी अफजल गुरु का वकील :- रामजेठमलानी सांसद भाजपा
      4 – आशाराम का वकील :-सुब्रमण्यम स्वामी सांसदभाजपा
      5- वोडाफ़ोन टैक्स चोरी मे वकील :- अरुण जेटली वित्त मंत्री
      6- गुजरात में सहकारी बैंको को 500 करोड से अधिक का चुना लगाने वाला चीटर केतन पारेख का
      वकील अरुण जेटली
      7 -सहारा प्रमुख सुब्रोतो राय के मुख्य वकील बीजेपी के श्री रविशंकर प्रसाद अब देश के कानून मंत्री
      हैं,अब वह बाहर आये तो आशचर्य नहीं होगा….!!!!
      8 – भाजपा नेता सुष्मा सहित उनके पति बेटी देश के भगौडे ललित मोदी के वकील और रक्षक समर्थक देशद्रोहियो, आतंकवादियों, बलात्कारियों और चोरो की वकालत भाजपा ही क्यों करती है?
      आखिर इसका रहस्य — क्या है ?
      ये कौन सी देश भक्ति हैं बीजेपी वालो की ? – कौन सा देश प्रेम है अंध भक्तों -?

    • You forgot to read the article brother. The news title is false. As the article says, Google doesn’t control what images are shown. If enough people visit a site that shows the text “stupid prime minister” and Modi’s photo, it will automatically come up in search results. We can actually make it show your photo as Prime Minister if a lot people try it. Do you understand? Let me know if you want me to explain bro.

  3. @Armaan Azad…. if u googled it urself than I seriously doubt on your observing skills… the search even shows the photo of Barack Obama who was the prime minister of country ehhhhh…..? and when….???
    He was the president….

    U cannot rely google searches as the bases of there listing because the same google search shows the Image of AMITABH BACHAN as the WORST BOLLYWOOD ACTORS

    • I too agree….
      Google is one of the most criminal web… As it store all kind of info which is threats over the world…

  4. Google don’t know modi , he ll develop an Indian google search engine n replace it soon n that time google ll see the stupidity of Indian pm.

  5. Google don’t know modi , he ll develop an Indian google search engine n replace it soon n that time google ll see the stupidity of Indian pm.

      • Today whole world is connected to each other. Sitting on the chair of the prime minister not only Modi but all VVIPs are fully visible to whole world. Nothing can be hidden now. In my view, Google has given very correct remark. We should take positive part of this remark.

    • मोदी और उनकी मंडली सिर्फ उद्योगपतियो की जेब भरने और जनता से विकास के नाम कड़वी दवा के रूप में जनता का जेब खाली करने में ही लगी रहती है क्यूँ ??
      वॉट्स एप, स्काइप और वाइबर से मुफ्त की कॉल लगाकर लंदन से लेकर लखनऊ तक और पिज्जा से लेकर पानी पूरी खाने की बात करने वाले लोग जरा ध्यान से इस खबर को देखें। क्योंकि, अब मोदी उर्फ़ फेकुम्हाराज की बीजेपी सरकार मुफ्त की इस कॉल पर ग्रहण लगाने की तैयारी कर रही है।
      इंटरनेट की आजादी को लेकर बीजेपी की खुद की बनी कमेटी ( रामजी की चिडीया रामजी का खेत..खाओ रे चिड़िया भर भर पेट. !!!! ) ने कहा है कि स्काइप, वाट्सऐप और वाइबर जैसे एप की मदद से इंटरनेट पर लोकल कॉल को टेलीकॉम सर्विस कंपनियों की सामान्य फोन कॉल सेवाओं की तरह मान कर उस पर उसी प्रकार अंकुश लगाना चाहिए यानी देश में जब आप ऐसे एप के सहारे कॉल करना चाहेंगे तो आपको जेब ढीली करनी पड़ सकती है।
      यानी अगर इस कमेटी की सिफारिश लागू होती हैं तो सरल शब्दों में कहें तो स्काइप, वॉट्स एप, वाइबर के जरिए देश में कॉल करने पर पैसा लगेगा।
      इसे सरकार और टाटा /बिरला /अम्बानी जैसे उद्योगपतियों जो टेलिकॉम ऑपरेटर्स है उनकी मिलीभगत का करार हैं और ये सुझाव उपभोक्ताओं के हितों के खिलाफ हैं कहना गलत नहीं होगा । जिन्हे किसी भी हालत में पास नही होना चाहिए,,,,,
      ***राज जनता का हितेच्छु ***

  6. Google is not the final authority to decide who is what and it seems Google is Muslim oriented Platform datz the reason has taken this step. And all those accepting it are none others than the enemies of Hinduism Soil …..

  7. I guess you’re the most stupid written because it’s such a simple thing. When you type Stupid prime minister and if it’s the images then obviously it’s your countries prime minister who comes because no one uploads a picture saying stupid prime minister so the next thing it searches for is “Prime Minister” which is modi or is the most searched from our country.
    It would be Google’s mistake if it was stated on Wikipedia or any such website. There are so many other images next to Modi so do you consider them to Prime Ministers?

  8. Let our pm be stupid or crazy whatever google term it as. We Indians have elected him. If we skip “google” atleast for 24hours google-baba would pull-out his hairs. Let pm be crazy bcoz crazy people make history n google rewrite their stories.

  9. This is bull shit… First study how google search engine works and search engine optimization works and then state something like this. Don’t target google to create hatred of this sort.

  10. Loud applause when we get many of answers through google but know Google is wrong bcz some people have lost there eyesight.

  11. Utterly buffoonish article and the most stupid piece of junk ..

    Just one suggestion to all of you

    Try and search the below .. you’ll love it ————>

    Who is pappu in india

    Well he wont make it to the news and articles since he doesn’t hold any important .. even among his own party members and worthless pieces of … who write articles on

    • It’s called trolling. They want people reading it so they write all this nonsense. It’s when people lose all self-respect, they resort to things like this.

  12. S – smart
    T – talented
    U – unique
    P – personality
    I – in
    D – demand

    Well this is what I feel is the most adapted when we define NAMO…

  13. Its not google’s fault. Google doesn’t have a list which is titled as the most stupid PMs’ and stuff like that. They have ways to connect words to pictures and also what people have recently searched for and the results they opted as an output of their searches.
    It is more probable that people in the country made searches which led to that information.
    Above all, I think there are much more serious issues out there than these petty issues. Websites like these make these issues big enough to act as obstacles to development of the mindset in our society.

    • You realize you’re talking to people who are clearly demonstrating an IQ of 10, right? This is the state of the country. Acche din with no education and this kind of illiteracy. Sure.

  14. People will be jealous of a person who is much beyond their expectations. Google might have lost something that is why purposely getting this article written. Ask them what they want in bargain and who has given them authority to give certificate to someone. They are search engine. Let them be search engine and they should not act as if they are media.

    We also do not like many leaders on the world but we are not here to give bad certificate to them.

    You are jealous because you could achieve that. We love Modi for his long vision. The spoilt system by earlier government in last 67 years cannot be cured in one year. When cancer is in its 4th state, it takes more time to cure.

  15. Yes he deserves to be in that category. Hats off to Google to call a spade as a spade. All his ministers are corrupt and antinational.

  16. Google ko koi aur kaam nahi hai.sirf India ko nicha dikhate modi world ke top pm main se ek hain.balki top pe hain.

  17. Har har modi Ghar Ghar modi….he has a fantastic track record as far as Gujarat is concerned.Do we all agree (Hindus) that Muslims believe in colonising and thereafter dominate the same place…modi stopped thi in Gujarat…we Hindus with 80% of the population don’t believe in colonising and dominating other communities the day we start doing so…these anti elements would run back to pak….tucchi si economy Hain inki let them go and die ….

  18. I don’t know why we are arguing about this topic. Just search for the best prime minister and the stupid prime minister. Then you will get PM Modi in both search. When somebody search anything text including prime minister in google it will display all the prime ministers of the world. I think this is not a topic to discuss.

    • it is like us Indians about cleaniness. I Remember in Hungary 35 years ago, though as an Indian was given a free visa however in an International Hotel there an attendant watched me and after alighting she told by actions to press the flush. An insult because before leaving India my boss had talked me about do s and dont s.

  19. People in their stupidity elect stupid people as their PM. It is universal n we should not afraid to accept we are stupid n our PM is also stupid.

  20. We expect so much once he struck land accusations bill therd time trying to pass for few crony capitalists we lost hope he is the one the stupid PM

  21. if we compare him with other pm of india …he has done something…vima protect…f
    FDI trading with other countries….etc….which was necessary …im not saying he is a good pm aftrall he is a politician
    but he is trying to improve or develope industries…. indira ghandhi and ravij were great but after them we didnt get pm who has respect in public……still modi has too many haters….but large no. of supporters too

    • The other PM and his govt’s policies are the reason you have the internet to sit and talk right now. Talk about hypocrisy. Give credit where it is due, or you will never be taken seriously.

  22. Very Truthful and gusty Survey (Under Emergency Bnning Threat)
    Snooper Massacre Man’s Decisions which show him Fool of the Fools are chosing Smriti Irani and Arun Jaitly as Ministers Even they do not represent Public both were Defeated heavily in Elections.
    Irani is just 10+2 Pass and Heading Institutions Like IITs IIMs UGCs what a Pity and A Law Graduate Heading organisations like SEBI RBI despite People Like Subramanian Swami were there. It clearly show that he want yes men not talented people under his leadership That’s only a Big Fool Can.

  23. whatever……guys make sure you don’t link religion with it……we had Muslim, PMs,Hindu PMs etc……please don’t link religion with Politic as all of us Know that Politics is a dirty Game & our Religion is a sacred term so have scene and know the difference…

  24. निश्चित रूप से गुगल की टिप्पणी आपत्तिजनक है क्योंकि वह एक जनतांत्रिक देश के जनता द्वारा चुने गए प्रतिनिधि हैं। लेकिन यह भी उतना ही सच है कि कांग्रेस की भ्रष्टाचार व आर्थिक नीतियों से बौखलाए जनता ने कार्पोरेट, मीडिया व स्वयं मोदी के बोलबचन पर फिदा होकर उन्हें चुनकर दिया। अब जब शहा ने कह दिया है कि किये वादें महज चुनावी जुमले थे और अच्छे दिनों के लिए 25 बरस राह देखनी पडेगी तो यह स्वयं सिद्ध हो जाता है कि कांग्रेस बीजेपी एक ही थैले के चट्टे बट्टे है। वर्ना शिवराज, ईरानी, सुषमा, राजे अबतक सत्ता में नहीं होते। और दिल्ली में इस तरह पानीपत न होता।

  25. Modiji is a bag full of hot air. He came to power based on lies and he is thus not delivering anything as because lies cannot be fulfilled.

    • Waite and see maaaa… How modi government will develop…. This is to early to talk on the development… Waite development will talk nextt

      • People like Ganesh are the reason this country will go down. Wait and see. That guy has already broken so many promises he made before winning and yet these blind followers still think there’ll be something. Bring anything up and they say “but oh what about the other policies they don’t say in the media”. What about it? It’s not in the media because it’s nothing to talk about. What blind idiots.

  26. मानवता के आधार पर अपराधियों के वफ़ादार हो गये,

    देश के प्रधानमंत्री अब भ्रष्टाचारियों के चौकीदार हो गये !

  27. first of all Modi’s promise was to decrease atta-chawal ka bhaw.. but what shit he has done to tha mass? atta-chawal ka bhaw toh increase hote jaa raha hai? first promise hi failure kar diya. and sorry to say but Manmohan Singh was a prime minister in silent mode and Narendra Modi is the prime minister in flight mode…as soon he became prime minister,he started making only foreign trips. but sirji charity begins at home so pehle aap apna country ka bhala kare phir jake foreign ghume.

    • Yuppp U r rite no atta chawal prices are down, and also he is in Flight Mode!!! Most of we Indians are in dilemma to understand that what actually needed to be done and if someone is doing something than is it in right course till results are not there, and big Qs is when should be results out!!!

      Actually why we should bother for the fundamentals behind every economy and Micro/Macro Economics. Like Till smooth Road connectivity is not there till than more diesel will be used by vehicle to transport the vegetables, and than till we don’t have cold storage than how a vegetable will last for more than 2-3 days, and if a vendor sells grocery items without taxes than how Government will build all these storages and roads… Still we debate rates are not coming down…. You are Right Mam 🙂

      Also, Modi ji baahar hee ghoomtey rehtey hai, kabhi boating to kabhi snow mountains… ALways on holidays, why it matters that relation with Iran and visits has yielded in more Oil than any other country especially on trading in our currency due to whic we all fill petrol in our Scooty (fatt – fatti)… ALso, why it should matter that Australia and many European Countries has agreed to supply us Uranium for our Nuclear reactors i.e. more environment friendly Electricity for long term without dependance on Coal!!! You are rite he always keep Roaming 🙂

      He should let China encircle us and allow him to eat up our opportunities. Trade should be low and no technology transfers, we are ready to go back to Stone Age!!! Right Mam

      I can write many page examples but dilemma is that how many will understand that!!! We all just followers worried in a news or 2 without even considering to enhance our knowledge and understanding, THIS IS INDIA

      I wonder and still happily can side with you Mam for whatever you said as THIS IS INDIA

  28. I condemn this strongly who the fack is google tagged our pm as an stupid instead of jackass.
    The leader of anarchy.suits him.

  29. ha ha ha seems that all short minded people with no understanding of economic reforms and its due course are debating something which they even can’t monopoly for their understanding of themselves :() NOT FOR ALL ESPECIALLY WHO GOT THIS MESSAGE
    [ In simple words: If Mr. X promises to open English medium Senior Secondary Schools in all Villages than They will never understand that demographic profile matters a lot of every village in terms of population, age etc, also Mr. X will first build a road connectivity, hygienic water supply, sewerage etc and than School Construction will be feasible unless later even if school is founded than success will not be there as how many will reach school, what they will drink etc ]
    So, every reform process has its due course of actions to be taken to build a foundation, and for example to create lacs of jobs for every Indian is not a year or 2 process but first proper enviornment has to be build so that Any new business or future growth should be sustainable unless !!!

    Give Time to our Administrator if majority has voted them to power! unless don’t be a pokehole here expressing your unneeded words instead do something which Modi can’t do or doing. Let us see all and be proud of U 😉

  30. Yahoooooooo you answered your twisted post yourself by saying – “Well, this cannot be termed as a deliberate effort by Google, as Google doesn’t decide what images to place. The images pop up based on the related articles and the SEO done”

  31. Dear All,

    First of all, He is the prime minister of India. Insulting a prime minister is as equal to insulting India and its constitutions . Let not discuss our internal issues to the world. we need to stand together to protest against google for such statements.

    Kindly go through Shasi Taroor’s public approach on British dominated 200 years of India. The British had concurred our sub-continent using our divided mind and unethical religious approach.

    Give a chance for our prime minister to revive his mind in order to give Justice to the people of India.

    No Discrimination and No Violence -Only incredible India or India is shining –

    All our prime ministers from Mr. Nehru till Mr. Modi have given the best contribution to the nation time to time. No comparison Please.

    • Comparison will always be there, only thing which matters is that it should e progressive. Stand by your PM and support him in even small way. If he is wrong somewhere than suggestions can be poured in seeing today’s electronic media reach 🙂

      Well said Shanav

  32. i apologize to all who think that modi is a great leader , he is just one Indian minister who supports RSS and hindutwa idologies and tries to create panic and disbelief among citizens…and of course non of you would have forgot gujarat riots which could be easily avoided but thanks to our great PM and then CM of gujarat – the men of violence…but still who think that he’s great could educate me on why he supports such organizations (RSS) which are non liberal..

    • Modi is a great Leader or not that will e known in next 5-10 years of time my friend. But always respect a person who is charismatic to reach such a level especially when a majority of India votes for him, now that majority is not a fool 😉

      Now on supporting RSS:
      Brother everyone supports some organization, some supports christianity, some Islam etc etc. Everyone has beliefs to be progressive and a good citizen. I am not a big supporter of RSS, but I have been associated with Congress, BJP/RSS and Akali in Punjab at ground level ti understand their functioning. I will go on telling my learning but I will try to answer your Qs.

      How RSS is non liberal, can u tell us?
      Why a CM or PM get elected is not respectable?
      Why a leader can’t be supported when people from all religion and faith are supporting him?
      Why a single taint of Gujarat is always being mentioned always for all his good deeds?
      Why you can’t do something much better than Modi where you think he is wrong, if he can reach here being a tea seller, why can’t you or anyone who supports your ideology!!!
      Why we can give a chance to a leader when he already has devoted much of his life for his Nation?
      How many can leave Social and Personal Life behind to do something for Nation, even I can’t brother 🙂
      What is definition of Non Liberal? Which Parties are Non Liberal and Which are according to you???

      We can debate on anything and I also understands that for something bad happened we always give blame to someone, if that’s Modi than I will ask you to Pardon him if it makes you feel better and rationalized, but friend understand one thing No one is above law and everyone deserves a chance for his/her efforts!!!

    • idiot why is Modiji getting continuous mandate in Gujarat. if he was only voilent. your statement clearly speaks the difference between Hindu and Muslim.

  33. OK Armaan Azaad, You have officially bought defame to yourself and this whatever hack of NEWS channel Mange news is. I am not really sure that you understand how google works, which is a shame because you re publishing articles on line about GOOGLE. Anyway let me tell you something, if there is an article tomorrow that has the words: “Armaan is an Amateur Reporter. and this article gets hits… then if on a google search it shows under amateur reporters, the article is NOT published by Google or Google DOES NOT think you are amateur, it is simply showing relevant data to the keyword search.

    The article or the matter that really contains this information is the responsibility of the publisher of that article. So good doesn’t think you are amateur. Do you understand it or should we arrange for an introductory session for you and mango news to understand – How to use google.

    Fools. All of you.

  34. Lols, This is what happens when people who doesn’t understand, make deductions by misusing them for worse.

    No HE IS NOT STUPID BY GOOGLE!!. It is a simple search algorithm which gives weights to each word the the query and result best result. ‘India’ + ‘Prime Minister’ association has maximum weight for Modi. It makes sense with his popularity. The term ‘Stupid’ might have produced less weight for Modi but got underpowered because of other terms. Hence the results!

  35. Yes, Google is right. Narendra Modi is the most stupid PM to have ever walked the hallowed halls of Rastrapati Bhavan

  36. I have observed that Muslim becomes very very happy, if something derogatory
    is told about PM Narendra Modi….reasons best known to them. Now Google says something on some context and people pick up their choices.. How does it make any difference to Modiji? Alright, I will says Manmohan was the brightest PM of India…what is his achievements for the country in the two long terms.?

  37. You foolish guys don’t blame modi it is we people who don’t want growth our country… Why aren’t you standing for your rights and against corruption. Every PM gets a strength by their people.. You coward guys. Just writing a comment and debating is not enough. You have to stand up for that.


  39. Being an Indian if somebody nonsense spoken to our P.M a valued post let it be modi or some other, how dare some one can speak this it is not acceptable.
    Desh prem bhi kuch chees hai yaar.

  40. Cause of the technology, Hon. Google can count the stupidity by the number of negative comments and images on it. Why this technology cannot count the Intelligence of that person on the basis of positive popularity images and articles, comments and so on. Count this, make a list of top Intelligent Leaders and then post. Spread positive things Google not such rubbish!

  41. The largest democratic country has voted Narendrabhai Modi as PM,one google can’t tell him Stupid. Yes it will take sometime for him to prove ..India was looking for a change and we got it..just ignore what Google or Microssoft are saying..if we discuss more about those companies , their name is popping up in SEO as most discussed companies..let’s cheer guys..It’s better to ignore few things in life.

  42. Give the man (Prime Minister Narendra Modi) a fair chance he has to correct the rot that had set in like 60+ years ago…. give him time …..

  43. You absolute retards, do you even know how a search engine works? Google didn’t place Modi on any “list”.
    It is an “automatic” algorithm which works based on over 200 factors including user metrics.

  44. Saaf suthere aadmi ko badnaam mat karo bhai logo inke uper aaj tak koi galat charge nahi laga hai inko apna kaam karne do comment dene hai to pahle inko kaam to kar lene do. App jitne bhi log ho me khud bhi sab kahi na kahi corrupt hai koi rupee deke nokri lagta hai,koi rupee deke setting karta hai, koi lecture deta hai ki gandagi mat karo or pan ghuthka khake khud gandagi karta hai, bina rishwat ke koi kaam nahi ho raha hai to aap log usko rupee deke kam karwalete ho virodh nahi karte, income tax me chori or bhi hajaro point hai . jab khud corrupt ho to dusre ko ku iljaam laga rahe ho ….. Ek maa apne bete ki gud khane ki aadat se pareshan hoke apne bacche ko kisi gyani (baba) ke pass le gayi ki iska jada gud khana chudwa do. to gyani baba ne bola 2 din bad aana. Bacche ke maa ne aisa hi kiya 2 din bad aayi to gyani baba ne bacche ke kan me kuch kaha or bacche ne gud khana chod diya. Bacche ki maa ne ek din gyani baba se pucha ki aap ye bat ustime bhi bol sakte the to aapne 2 din bad aane ko ku kaha to aapko pata hai ki gyani baba ne kya kaha, kaha ki bol to us time bhi sakta tha per us time me khud gud khata tha MORAL OF THE STORY pahle apni buri aadat badlo fir kisi ke baare me bura bolna

  45. காமெடியான கட்டுரை, முட்டாள் பிரதமர் என்ற வார்த்தையை பிரயோகிக்கிம் முன் அவர் 120 கோடி மக்களின் தலைவர் என்பதை நினைவில் கொள்ளுங்கள்.

  46. A good man can make all bad menz restless what i can see above whoever has criticized our hon’ble prime minister. Now i feel more proud of being a citizen of India than before. JAI HIND

  47. இங்கு பிரதமருக்கு எதிராக கமெண்ட் செய்தவர்கள் தங்கள் மனதை தொட்டு சொல்லுங்கள், முந்தைய பிரதமரை விட இவர் மோசமாக செயல்படுகிறார் என்று…

    • dai avan prime minister ah irundhaa thaana soldrathukku… current affairs padikara palakam illaya thambi… usd ku inr value yenna therima 64rs, when congress was in rule it didnt cross 56 ok. yeppa pathalum oor meyarathu thaan modi vela. ithula avaru prime minister velaya yenga paakararu.

  48. ஒரு இஸ்லாமியனின் பார்வை மோதி அவர்கள் மீது இப்படி தான் இருக்கும் என்பதற்கு இது ஒரு உதாரணம்.

  49. Google is just a search engine. Idiots who are believing Google so much, must try to understand the technology behind Google search. These article is written by some one who wants to have self Orgasm, because factually PM is not stupid, but a genius who is connecting India to nook & corner of the world.

    This article demonstrates the mindset and thinking capacity of the author who believes Google to be his Life Mentor. Mr.Author, do you google for every thing? Do you google to make babies?

    • Irony here is this article will again end up contributing to the problem it is trying to report. Now this news site just added a few thousand(or even more) views to the page having “stupid prime minister” and Modi’s photo. 😀

  50. To the first class idiot who wrote this article, GOOGLE DID NOT and CANNOT classify people as anything. If an article exists on the net calling Modi a criminal or a stupid person, it WILL show up as a search return. Please get your facts right before writing stupid articles. You are more stupid than the idiots commenting here.

  51. India like a country, a new Prime Minister can’t do anything within a short span of time. Everything should be done from the beginning and from the bottom level of people.

  52. ‘Most stupid Religion’ is Islam … Search on google image. So people agreeing to Modi being the stupid prime minister, would agree that Islam is the most stupid religion too.

    • you are wrong brother…donot post such things with out any knowledge..for your reference hinduism is the most stupid relegion because it had the most stupid things like SATI , DEVADASI ,etc which were eradicated eventually by the british and the moghuls who invaded our india. so donot talk stupid and bull shit in social websites with ur bull shit knowledge.

  53. BRAVO for the click bait news title and actually explaining how it’s not google’s fault in the article at the same time.. And BRAVO to the idiots who didn’t read the article which clearly says it’s not google’s fault. 🙂
    Modi’s wrath lol.

  54. Well said #theSuda ji.
    The “Wrath of Modi” tah waa a bit too much.
    The question bothering me is quite different. What kind of a jobless person goes to Google to searching for the world’s stupidest PM and for what ?
    Complaining has never solved any problem and here we are doing the same,.

  55. All dis posted just to make us angry… guys just chill…but the fact is that ki modi has not done any good thing till now… coz he doesn’t have time only to visit in his own country and do something… all things are going high…poor becoming more poor and rich becoming more rich…..

  56. Antinationals n siculars, n priyaji for ur help..heres the good list, which can b never ever achived by congress or its allies, n only MODI n BJP did!!!
    1. Now Barack Obama and China supports India’s bid for permanent UNSC seat…..
    2. $35 billion investment by Japan over a period of 5 years and along with it their expertise in making bullet trains……
    3. Australia is set to sign a Nuclear Power deal with India to supply around 500 tonnes of Uranium to India……
    4. Satya Nadella (Microsoft), Indra Nooyi (Pepsico), Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook), Jeff
    Bezos (Amazon), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) discusses possible investments……
    5. Israel inks $5 million deal for Joint Educational Research programme……
    6. $20 billion investment from Xi and his Chinese counterparts……
    7. 2 Billion Euros support from France for sustainable development in India……
    8. Airbus to increase outsourcing in India from 400 million euros to 2 billion euros over the next five years……
    9. French National Railways has agreed to co-finance an execution study for a semi- high speed project on upgradation of the Delhi-Chandigarh line to 200 kmph…….
    10. Canada agrees to supply 3,000 metric tonnes of uranium to India from this year to power Indian atomic reactors…….
    11. Japan and India agree to jointly produce mixed rare earth.
    And While we are all yearning for a transformation, development, etc. There is
    someone who is actually setting up the
    infrastructure for it……
    Marketing of ‘Brand India’ has never been so
    Number of days Modi stayed abroad touring
    15 countries as a PM on official trips = 45……
    Number of days Rahul stayed abroad (Bangkok) without informing his voters = 57…….
    Now read the description below:
    1. BJP Govt. convinced Saudi Arabia not to charge “On-Time Delivery 1 Premium charges” on Crude Oil – Young Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan & External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj sealed the deal. Saved the country thousands of crores… . .
    2. India will build 4 Hydroelectric power stations + Dams in Bhutan (India will get lion’s share in Green energy that will be produced in future from these projects) . .
    3. India will build Biggest ever dam of Nepal (China was trying hard to get that) – India will get 83% Green energy produce from that hydro power station for free – in future. . . . .
    4. Increased relationship with Japan and they agreed to invest $ 30 Billion in DMIC (Delhi – Mumbai Investment Corridor)..
    5. Increased strategic relationship with Vietnam and Vietnam has now agreed to give contract of Oil exploration to ONGC-Videsh (UPA was not ready to take this at all because they were worried about China – and getting into a conflict of interests on south China sea)
    6. Increase Oil Imports from Iran, despite the ban by USA. . Iran agreed to sell in Indian Rupees and it saved our Forex, not just for now, but protected India from future currency fluctuations. India also gets to build “Chabahar” port of Iran, encircling Pakistan. Because we well have exclusive access for our Naval ships in this port.
    7. Australia- despite Australia being a major supplier of Coal & Uranium. . . NaMo was able to convince Tony Abbott and now Australia will supply Uranium for our energy production. . .
    8. China leaning President Rajapakse lost elections in Sri Lanka – Remember UPA lost “Hambantota” port development – read latest report of CIA, where they mention RAW has played a major role in power shift of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has backed out of Chinese contract and shifted to Indian project managers.
    9. With China, as Trade Deficit was increasing, NaMo forced their hand. Anti-Dumping will come soon so China will invest heavily into India. – China has already committed $ 20 billion Investment in India. That’s nearly ₹140,000 crores.
    10. On Security – I think adding Ajit Doval to his team is the best decision by NaMo. See the recent tie-up with Pentagon, Israel & Japan. . Now see how we stopped the Terror Boat and listen to his words … “Any Mumbai like attack from Pakistan and Pakistan will lose Baluchistan!” That’s the language of deterrence that I want to hear as an Indian. We won’t hit first, but if you do, we surely won’t turn the other cheek…. . . .
    11. India approved the border road in the NorthEast and around India- China border – Remember just because of China’s opposition, the ADB (Asian Development Bank) didn’t give us funds during UPA regime and UPA held that file under “Environment Ministry control – Remember the infamous “JAYANTHI TAX “? No one bothered about the disastrous effect on our armed forces.
    12. India managed to bring back 4,500+ Indians from War zone in Yemen and also brought foreign nationals of 41 different countries, which put India’s name onto the highest platform globally in conducting that rescue mission – PM Narendra Modi specially talked to the new Saudi Arabian king Salman and told him to allow Indian Airforce planes to fly – as Saudi Arabia was attacking on Yemen and Yemen skies was declared NO-FLY Zone: thanks to this we got an assured clear window of a few hours and guys guess who coordinated this? Ajit Doval, Sushama Swaraj and Gen V K Singh. All in person…. When was the
    last time you ever heard of ministers involved personally in such efforts that didn’t fetch thousands of crores?? Guess the religion of those rescued?? But it isn’t secular.
    13. India’s Air defense was getting weaker by the day, UPA was very happy to let it happen despite repeated specific inputs from the armed forces, NaMo renegotiated Rafale fighter Jets deal with France personally and bought 36 Jets on ASAP basis. At better than rack rates. No middlemen, no commissions…
    14. For the first time after 42 yrs Indian
    Prime Minister visited Canada not to attend some meeting but as a specific state visit, in a Bilateral deal, India was able convince to Canada to supply Uranium for India’s Nuclear reactors for next 5 years. It will be of great help to Resolve India’s Power problems. . . .
    15. Canada approves visa on arrival for all Indian tourists.
    16. Till recently we were exclusively buying Nuclear Reactors from Russia or USA and it was much like beggar kind of situation because they were worried about usage of Nuclear reactor for some other use. So only what they opted to give us, we could get. . Now Narendra Modi was able to convince France and now France will make Nuclear reactors with the latest technology in India. On MAKE IN INDIA efforts.. with collaboration with an Indian company as a partner. . .
    17. During 26th Jan. visit of Barack Obama , NaMo convinced USA to drop rule of Nuclear fuel tracking and sorted out Liabilities rules which now open the gates for next 16 Nuclear power plant projects. . . . Isn’t this good enough to improve the lot of India?
    Let’s be sensible to analysis & make a judgment……
    Specially , for those who questioned abt modi’s foreign trip……. as well as good work!!! n he is our Indias need, n some asshole like bloody kashmiris when they burn indian flag(deshdroh)..u ppl r just sitting blind n ignoring them and wen Bajrangi dal burned the ISIS flag(technically nothing is wrong in that) and assholes started that times where were u bloody prestitutes n media, aaptards n sicular… all i knw Mr Modi is our need ,

  57. n porkistani u r always a$$hole from the very begining, so dnt try to indulge in indian politics…khud ka ghar sambhalo pehle!!

  58. We may discuss if Modi ji is correct or not later.. But Google is not any public forum to express it’s views. It’s just a dumb search engine. It doesn’t know the difference on what to show to a kid and what for an adult. Use search engine as is… This is the reason, we are still behind. Stop pranks.. Enjoy.. but don’t comment bringing the pervert up In you. Sorry for offensive statements…

  59. ये सफ़ेद चमडी वालों व उनकी गुलामी वाली मानसिकता में जी रहे लोगों का भय हैा मोदी के रहते उनका भारतीय महाद्वीप को आथिक रूप से ग़ुलाम बनाने का सपना
    परवान नहीं चढने वाला अग्रजों ने भी यही किया था रायबहादुर रायसाहव का खिताव
    किसे देते थे Iदेश दृोही किसे कहते थेIइन्हेंी अंग्रेज़ी दाँ लोंगों ने देश का वटवारा कराया थाIजाल तो बुन लिया गया था लेकिन मोदी ने सब चौपट करदियाI
    अब उसे Stupid नहीं कहेंगें तो क्या कहेंगे
    हम लोगों को सावधान रहना है I वास्तव में
    Stupid तो वो ख़ुद बन गये I
    Hay Google

  60. Fools : i want to see results in one day or one month or one year…
    Intellectual : it is a country with the largest population. Results cannot happen in one day or one month or one year.. Slowly and gradually over the time things will be placed.
    Fools: but he promised where are those promises.
    Intellectual : he promised.. Thats the reason i have voted and selected his government for next 5 years.. Will see where does it stands for next 5 years..

    Guys appriciate that we have got indipendence again after 15 years from congress…
    Maximum scams happened durimg congress rule..
    And no scams wer of 100 rs 1000rs or 1 crore….. Each scam was of hundreds of crores……

    Congress talks about riots that happened in gujrat during modis rule…
    MUMBAI RIOTS 1990s
    Delhi silkh masacare riots
    Babri masjit riots
    Etc etc and the list goes on….
    And fools talk about 1 riot….

    WAKE UP INDIANS… INDIA IS IN SAFE HANDS…. Every one has right to have his own perception… My request to ull is percieve like an intellectual not likea FOOL

  61. सच का सामना करो मोदी भकतो,

    अगर ये खबर गलत है। तो मोदी जी media के सवालो से कयो भागते है।
    जवाब दो भकतो।

  62. “अच्छे दिन कब आयेँगे…?”

    *दीवार पर पेशाब करता व्यक्ति पूछता है,,
    “अच्छे दिन कब आयेँगे…?”

    *बिजली चोरी करता व्यक्ति पूछता है,,
    “अच्छे दिन कब आयेँगे…?”

    *यहाँ-वहाँ कचरा फैंकता व्यक्ति पूछता है,,
    “अच्छे दिन कब आयेँगे…?”

    *कामचोर सरकारी कर्मचारी पूछता है,,
    “अच्छे दिन कब आयेँगे…?”

    *टेक्स चोरी करता व्यक्ति पूछता है,,
    “अच्छे दिन कब आयेँगे…?”

    *देश से गद्दारी करता व्यक्ति पूछता है,,
    “अच्छे दिन कब आयेँगे…?”

    *नौकरी पर देरी से व जल्दी घर दौड़ता कर्मचारी पूछता है,,
    “अच्छे दिन कब आयेँगे…?”

    *लड़कियों से छेड़खानी करता व्यक्ति पूछता है,,
    “अच्छे दिन कब आयेँगे…?”

    *राष्ट्रगान के समय बातें करते स्कूलों के कुछ लोग पूछते हैं,,
    “अच्छे दिन कब आयेँगे…?”

    *स्कूल में बच्चों को न भेजने वाले लोग पूछते हैं,,
    “अच्छे दिन कब आयेँगे…?”

    *घरों में हर सम़य सिरियल देखती महिलायें पूछती हैं,,
    “अच्छे दिन कब आयेँगे…?”

    *सड़क पर रेड सिग्नल तोड़ते लोग पूछते हैं,,
    “अच्छे दिन कब आयेँगे…?”

    *किताबों से दूर भागते विद्यार्थी पूछते हैं,,
    “अच्छे दिन कब आयेँगे…?”

    *कारखानों में हराम खोरी करते लोग पूछतेहैं,,
    “अच्छे दिन कब आयेँगे……..?

    “अच्छे दिन कैसे आयेंगे………?

    Tragedy of democracy……..
    where people have infinite demands……but zero self efforts

    • *दीवार पर पेशाब करता व्यक्ति पूछता है,,
      jab sahi jagah toilet na ho to yahi kahega “अच्छे दिन कब आयेँगे…?”

      *बिजली चोरी करता व्यक्ति पूछता है,,
      agar pura muhala khakar bhi neta logo bijli maaf to meri kya aukaat hai bill pay karni ki ,to yahi kahega“अच्छे दिन कब आयेँगे…?”

      *यहाँ-वहाँ कचरा फैंकता व्यक्ति पूछता है,,
      jab mohalle main koi jamadar na ho aur khachra fainke ke dusbin bhi na to yahi kahega
      “अच्छे दिन कब आयेँगे…?”

      *कामचोर सरकारी कर्मचारी पूछता है,,
      Jab ahr kam par use rishwat lekar 50% neta log ke ghar dene jana pde to yahi kahega “अच्छे दिन कब आयेँगे…?”

      *टेक्स चोरी करता व्यक्ति पूछता है,,
      jab amdani se jyada ho tax to yahi kahega
      “अच्छे दिन कब आयेँगे…?”

      *देश से गद्दारी करता व्यक्ति पूछता है,,
      Jab desh modi jaise PM ki kre support to yahi kahega
      “अच्छे दिन कब आयेँगे…?”

      *नौकरी पर देरी से व जल्दी घर दौड़ता कर्मचारी पूछता है,,
      jab naukari ke samaya neta logo ki karni pade chaplusi to yahi kahega
      “अच्छे दिन कब आयेँगे…?”

      *लड़कियों से छेड़खानी करता व्यक्ति पूछता है,,
      neta log dahshat phailane ke bhade ke gundo se karwaye yeh kara to yahi kahega
      “अच्छे दिन कब आयेँगे…?”

      *राष्ट्रगान के समय बातें करते स्कूलों के कुछ लोग पूछते हैं,,
      jab rashtargan par hi agrejo ki hone ka kre koi dawa to yahi kahega
      “अच्छे दिन कब आयेँगे…?”

      *स्कूल में बच्चों को न भेजने वाले लोग पूछते हैं,,
      jab ghar khane kush na ho to yahi kahega
      “अच्छे दिन कब आयेँगे…?”

      *घरों में हर सम़य सिरियल देखती महिलायें पूछती हैं
      jab serial main bhi modi ke hi gun gaye media to yahi kahega,,
      “अच्छे दिन कब आयेँगे…?”

      *सड़क पर रेड सिग्नल तोड़ते लोग पूछते हैं,,
      jab khadon ki ho sadak ,aur boss bhi ho kadak to yahi kahega
      “अच्छे दिन कब आयेँगे…?”

      *किताबों से दूर भागते विद्यार्थी पूछते हैं,,
      jab degree kiye vidhayarthi bina noukari ke le nashe ki doze to yahi kahega
      “अच्छे दिन कब आयेँगे…?”

      *कारखानों में हराम खोरी करते लोग पूछतेहैं,,
      jab karkhano mein kam karan walo ke bimar hone ya jakhmi hone par unhe karkhano se bahar kude karkat ki trah nikal faink de to yahi kahega
      “अच्छे दिन कब आयेँगे……..?

      “अच्छे दिन कैसे आयेंगे………?
      ab batayie jnaab isme modi ji kre to kya kre ,
      mere desh ka kisaan mare, to modi ji kya kre
      koi sadak chap ko roti na mile, aur anaj pda godamo mein sde ,to modi ji kya kre
      kisi mahala se koi leader ya sarkari afsar rape kre to modi ji kya kre
      kisi border par border paar se koi fairing kre to modi kya kre
      kisi jwaan beta border par aur uska budha baap bine roti/pani ke mare to modi ji kya kre
      koi sushma kisi modi ki madad kre to modi ji kya kre
      yaar please tell me modi akhir kya kre………..

  63. Stupid man dusre ko bhi stupid hi bata sakta hai because acha aadmi dusre ko acha hi bolega or stupid dusre ko stupid hi bol sakta hai because usko samajh hi utni hai bad man who post this

  64. friends pls dont fight … he is our prime minister of our country ..& as good citizens we must respect him. its just one yr passed need to wait for some more time .. “ache din jarun ayenge” .. he alone cannot do anything .. its not so easy .. he cannot just move a magical stick & make everything right …I am proud of our prime minister .

    • Actually Google thinks People are forced to rely on it and the one who posts these things are actually against Modiji so they are trying to superimpose their thoughts. those idiot crossbreed Google wale.

  65. What a rubbish piece of news. Google Shows Prime Minister Narendra Modi under India’s most talented prime mister as well. So which one do we go with? I would say, your own brains and not make useless news out of irrelevant information.

    • u r right .. indias most talented prime minister is modi.. but worlds most stupid prime minister is also the illiterate modi… plss understand the difference

  66. Development
    27th May 2014 —— ist Day of Modi Govt
    1 USD = INR 58.15

    1 USD = INR 64.10

    What a Development:

    Stop this discussion otherwise INR will reach 100 of 1 USD.

  67. I agree with google. This illiterate modi also made some nonsense with the cancer medicine agreement which shook the medicene price at extreame from thousnds to lakhs. he is a nonsense. and google has rated perfect.
    hats off to google

  68. Mr.Narendra Modi is an elected prime minister of India by the majority people of India. There is no need we require googles certificate .Let the google and other medias understand that their existence in this country is the biksha of the people of India. Better google and any MNCs should not forget that. If google dare to do the same coment on the president of the country of China then they would have already learned a lesson. But it is unfortunate that the people who are living in India and taking all the benefits of India and the government and enjoying all the freedom giving support to the chut put media which has a substandard reputation.It is better such people should hang their head.

    • people elect a person only in an expectation that he would be a gentleman. they dont elect in a perfect decision. as its a relative progreesion.

      so better that the people who doesnt understand this can hang themselves, hope u understand

  69. Modijii is at least better than congress morons who have just ruined india all these years . Google is not the final call ! How can someone sitting outside india decide about india??

    • Yes, i totally agree with you.. we can’t totally rely on good search. The problem is we have a generation of people now, who would check on google if its raining, instead of just looking out of window.

  70. this is bullshit!! google searches based on keywords…. it breaks down the sentence india’s most stupid prime minister into ‘INDIA’ ‘STUPID’ ‘PRIME’ ‘MINISTER’ it shows us the result for the words ‘INDIA’ ‘PRIME’ ‘MINISTER’ … beacsue these three words are the only ones that make sense..

  71. India is ruled by a few businessmen and religious groups.. People like Modi or manmohan are there just to serve them…

  72. Stupid people write Stupidity, and Stupid Google publish for cheap popularity. This itself is Stupidity. Don’t lick ox’s anus.

  73. That is Exactly NOT the Google did……. The Search Engine Optimization Algorithm Spiders Works in a Pretty Complex Way…… This has Happen Because of Three Words “Most” and “Prime Minister” for that Matters………. I would Request “#MangoNews” to Understand the Working of These Things First or At Least Show there Article to Any Person Who have Technical Knowledge before Posting So they Might Prevent Such Blunders in the Future…….

  74. now the time to take action by narender modi google service has to be ban .we not have to paid money to them .they will come in are foot very soon.

  75. he is stupid really ,he does not realize or bjp ,, dat almost everyone voted for bjp in face of him …he is really a big mouth ,, now i can surely say next election or any leaders of bjp will parish just like congress .so he better prepare for big bye or just make an real effort if he wana stay

  76. Hey guys please his is where we indians lag doesnt matter if its modi or sonia google writes the whole thing is that google said something about our existing pm and google thats not cool whether he fulfills his promises or not that’s our internal matter and we will solve it in next election but noone can say stupid to pm of india. RESPECT INDIA LOVE INDIA

  77. What did he do or what instant action did he took when churches were vandalised in Delhi and other places.. Nothing. . What does this means…..

  78. Search ‘Best Prime Minister’ and you shall find Narendra Modi’s image on top there too! You should know enough that Google doesn’t curate everything. Nonsensical article and comment.

  79. Ok this is for the hater of our PM MODI. Sir g ek baat bolo exam ke liye jab prepare karte ho toh kya saara syllabe ek din me he khatam or dete ho or it takes time. Karte kya ho tum. Ghar me baithe rehte ho. Dad ke paise pe khateho. Thori si income karke apne upar spend karte ho or else ek choti si familye chalate ho. This guy i just dont blindly trust him there’s a reason why i and many more do. Just go and check his previous works and his success. SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE. He is doing it show pata bhi hai ki how much in debt is INDIA in. If you only borrow money from someone toh income aane pe apne upar you’ll spend it or you’ll pay the creditor first. Toh pehle what he is doing is paying back all the debts. Uske baad toh tarakki you’ll see. Ye sab kuch months me ya phir ek do saalo me toh nahi hoga. It takes time. So what am doing is shut calm n let him do his work. Jab itne saalo se ek irresponsible and self catering party ko diye then give this intelligent one a bit of time. Am hoping for the best and i think you should do the same.

  80. Modi ko galat bol google ne apne pair par kulhadi mar di , kyunki Hum( modi samathak ) humare modi ke khilaf bolne wale ko Muslim bta sakte akhir humari bhi koi ijjat hai, Sare bazaar Ladkiyon se rape ho ta hai ,to kya woh to Congress ne karwayahoga modi ji badnaam krne ke liye,agar ek muslim ko rent par ghar nhi diya jata to kya huya ,wo Pakistan main kyu nhi gye 47 mein yeh unki galti hai so bhugtani to padegi,Ek 83 saal ka bajurg Saja puri kar chuke Sikh prisoners ki rihai ki mang kar pichle 6 mahine se bhukh hadtaal par baitha par yeh khabar Indian media ( modi media ) nhi dekha rha ,kyunki agar Punjab halat bigarte hain to hum kah ske ki, Sikh gaddar koum hai,ye to hathiar ki bhasha samjhte hai, inki mange to batchit karane se bhi sulajh sakhti thi, lekin yeh to Khalistani hai, agar koi Sikh bole to Khalistani, Koi muslim bole to Pakistani, shukar bodhi logo ki koi mang nhi hai warna yeh to chinese hai…LOL BTW modi and modi media ki koi barabari nhi kar sakta ,modi ji se pahle Modi media unke swagat ke liye pahut jata hai, yeh modi ki politics, yahan baithe log sochte yeh harman pyare hai , par asal mein inke harman mein modi media ke chahere hi hote hai yeh log gaur nhi de paate….koi baat nhi, ek muhawara hai, ki kisi ghar lgne par lok use basantar devta kahte hai, wahi jab apna ghar jalane lge tab uske aag hone ka ehsaas hota hai……….
    thanks a lot ,
    Jise gali deni ho to bhai ji request meri ek comment per kam se kam 100 gali to jroor dena kyunki ,ho sakta ki apki mummy ya bahan bhi is comment ko read kare, aur unhe bhi kam se kam apke jaisa Beta-bhai aur modi jaisa PM pakar khushi nseeb jroor ho

  81. Some of the people which are do nothing for country they only comments on our prime minister shri modi ji i advice all of them first do some work for the country then see on your responsibilty and ask your self what are you doing for country these type people are fool which are criticise pm .पहले अपनी जिम्मेदारी समझो खुद कुछ नहीं करते ऐसे लगता है जैसे ये ही देश चला रहे हैं खुद नहीं देखते अपना हाल
    औरों पर करते हैं सवाल

  82. Just wait and watch….. we are only criticize to other….

    One small question : Had you ever done any thing in your society for swatch Bharat mission……

    Please try to involve your self to develop country in each possible cases where you can do including your routine life….

    Than you can find changes on you as well as in your surrounding.

  83. My fellow writers instead of wasting time critisizing someone, stand up and make the difference in whatever capacity you have. It’s YOU who can change things.

  84. Anyone against Modi or anyother PM…Please try to do something for yourself nd country…after then please post a comment…

  85. Have you ever thought what you are doing for nation, please do your duty honestly, ACHHE DIN AA JAYENGE.

  86. We have given our PM the mandate for 5 years…Let us respect our democracy & wait for 5 years…!! Don’t be impatient !

    Anyways, what has congress done since independence??

    Give at least 5 years to BJP. If they fulfil at least 60% of their promises, they deserve another 5 years term.

  87. If there is a group of some 1000 go on typing from various locations that Modi is the best minister in search, stupid algorithm of Google will say that also. Google should check this stupid way of categorising people based on mere search string rather than reality. I feel that there is a concerted attempt by the political opponents are upto this kind of buffoonery.

    • Yes, i totally agree with you.. we can’t totally rely on good search. The problem is we have a generation of people now, who would check on google if its raining, instead of just looking out of window.I have lived in modi governed state, and i have seen what he has done and what he is capable of doing.

      And some of our neighboring countries are really scared of him and his work, so they would go to any extent to spoil his reputation. And considering how low these people can go, i think they can easily find some unemployed guys and ask them to do this just to defame him.

  88. D best PM ever…Now m categorising d supporter n haters.

    • Agree completely. It’s sad that Hindus are bent on committing “HARAKIRI” and destroy themselves. By the time we wake up, it may be too late.

  89. Google should look into their system of so called “RESEARCH”. A reputed Organisation should refrain from publishing IRRESPONSIBLE STATEMENTS.

  90. the people of this country are so fu*king immature. You dicks, Ask your self- if you start a business, would you expect immaculate returns in the first year itself?

    Mr Modi won the elections with full majority. None of these political fuc*ers were able to do so. Honestly, we all should give him some time. you gave congress 60 fu*king years and didn’t question them. with just 1 year and 2 months, you’re calling Mr Modi Stupid?

    Shame on you!

    • Mr.Vikramaditya, I agree with completely with your views. However I think you should mind your language and refrain from using indecent words. Please don’t get so worked up.

  91. List 25 points what PM has did stupid things ….if this is stupid then we like this stupidity !!

    Jan dhan yozna More than 15 crore bank accounts opened, over 10 crore RuPay debit cards issued, with life cover, pension
    Corporate sector adopts prime minister’s ‘Swachch Bharat’ mission with promise of total sanitation by 2019
    Cooking gas now under direct-cash-benefit transfer scheme, with potential saving of $5 billion annually in subsidies, plus Diesel prices de-regulated
    Foreign equity in rail infrastructure allowed, without limit
    Foreign equity cap in defence raised to 49 per cent; 74 per cent in case of technology transfer
    Fast-tracking of defence purchases: 36 Rafale fighters being bought, orders for several long-pending purchases placed
    Foreign equity cap in insurance and pension sectors increased to 49 per cent
    Nod for IPOs/FPOs by banks to raise funds, as long as government equity remains 52 per cent or over
    Nod for real estate and infrastructure investment trusts, with tax benefits
    Cabinet nod for Prime Minister’s 100 Smart Cities Project
    $130 billion proposed spending on railways over five years on schemes including high-speed trains
    Definitive steps forward in introducing pan-India goods and services regime
    Successful conclusion of two rounds of coal block auctions, more lined up
    Impasse in mining sector ended with passage of new bill for regulation and development
    Successful conclusion of auctions for telecom spectrum for mobile telephony and broadband
    Launch of ‘Make-in-India’, ‘Digital India’ and ‘Skill India’ initiatives with focus on defence and electronics, primarily to create jobs
    Mudra bank launched with Rs 20,000 crore corpus to extend loans of between Rs 50,000 and Rs 10 lakh to small entrepreneurs
    Commencement of divestment programme in public sector companies
    Disbanding of various ministerial groups for faster decision-making
    Adoption of 14th Finance Commission recommendation on far-reaching changes in sharing of revenues between the Center and the States
    Single-window scheme for various clearances to steel, coal and power projects
    Price stabilisation fund set up for agri-commodities to check inflation
    Warehouse Infrastructure Fund with Rs 5,000 crore corpus to increase shelf-life of farm produce (replace if possible)
    Clarity in tax treatment on income of foreign fund whose fund managers are located in India , as also on transfer pricing for resident and non-resident tax payers
    Panel set up under law commission chairman on issue of minimum alternate tax

  92. Hahahhaha what an amazing discussion to read.
    What a fool politicians are making of the Indian citizens and not one man within us has the power to say stop. Because there is an army of Congress an army of bjp an army of aap… All asshole trying to prove the other asshole wrong…. Have you forgotten you are an Indian citizen and those who can’t make india progress should not be allowed to progress themselves
    You are fighting on who kept their promises and who did not… The question to ask is has that promises got results?? Have we as a nation progessed?? It’s a divide and rule game that wil not leave india nor will the vote bank… Why not measure goodwill and values on performance rather than political agendas?!!

  93. Modi’s work hasn’t changed the ground reality for the better. Common man is suffering more than before. Business is completely down. And, divisive forces are raising their head under his rule. Pathetic.

  94. Modi only bhashanbaazi …nothing else
    Poor fellow made stupid statements as he’s a superman now facing the situation in reality he got completely deleted.

  95. I really could not care any lesser about what other promises the incumbent PM did or did not fulfil! All that I care about are the 15 Lacs which he promised to credit to my bank a/c but has not so far!

  96. Suggest you watch this evening where fudging of Indian Economy stands exposed. Question is that if growth of 7% is claimed, how can exports drop by 25%! India has discovered some new form of economics. Modi’s bluff is fully exposed because he is Stupid surrounded by equally stupid people! Viva Google Users!

  97. Hey guys, honestly I would not like to pay 64+ rupees for petrol when it costs less than 30 rupees.. Its incredible that our government maintains this rate even now.. Suppose it’s ache din for the government that no one reacts now a days..

  98. I found our PM to be an unrealistic person…………. Who thinks he can do everything himself by involving everywhere, instead he should focus on few areas which are critical. According to me he is trying to compete with the earlier ruling party / parties to prove he has done better than all of them…………. But is that what we look from a PM who promised to do better things for developments in India. I think if anyone is trying to take credit for what he is trying do then he is no different from the other politicians. My dear PM……. Let the people of India tell that you are different from the other ministers/ politicians and doing things for the betterment of India. Instead of yourself and your so called ministers/party men preaching about it!!!!! Also, let me tell you work with a bunch of jokers, who will one day mess up !!!!

  99. Did anyone receive the 15 lakhs as promised by the PM? If the same has been mailed then the Postal Dept must be blamed. Neither the names of hundreds of Swiss Bank A/c holders have been disclosed. Will this surface in the second or third term?

  100. For all those who are criticizing Mr. Modi and his government please read this article and see yourself what Congress did for so many years(may be decades) and we were watching like dumb audience. Please open the article the link for which is shared below and read fully.

    and i request you to please post only genuine replies after giving a thought and not because one is mean-spirited and hate the current government.

  101. At the outset I should make clear that I am not blind supporter of any party. This is fact that Mr Narendra Modi is our PM and he is not selected but elected PM. Many political parties promised so many things in election in past so the BJP. None of them fulfilled all promises so the BJP I hope. Still more than half tenure is there, let us see the score card at the end. Leaving this discussion apart we will never accept such type of stupid uttrences from google or for that matter any other media/critics. After all he is our PM of largest democracy of the world ie why you people can write what ever you like. This freedom is there but one should not cross the decency.


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