India To Cross 1.50 Lakh COVID-19 Cases Soon, Total Is 1,45,380 Cases

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On the 26th of May, total cases of the Novel Coronavirus increased to 1,45,380 positive with 6,535 new cases in the last 24 hours.

The new cases of the COVID-19 infection were confirmed by the Union Health Ministry on the morning of the 26th of May.

According to the Health Ministry report, as many as 146 people died due to the Coronavirus infection in the last 24 hours, taking the total fatalities to 4,167 

In the list of Indian states infected with COVID-19, Maharashtra stands number 1 with 52,667 cases, followed by Tamil Nadu (17,082,) Gujarat (14,468,) Delhi (14,465) and Rajasthan 7,376.

The other states with below 10,000 cases are Madhya Pradesh (6,859),) Uttar Pradesh (6,497,) West Bengal (3,816,) Andhra Pradesh (2,983) Bihar (2,870.)

Other cases which reported COVID-19 are: 

Karnataka: 2,282

Punjab: 2,081

Telangana: 1,920

Jammu and Kashmir: 1,668

Odisha: 1,517

Haryana: 1,229

Kerala: 897

Assam : 549

Jharkhand : 405

Uttarakhand: 349

Chhattisgarh: 306

Chandigarh: 266

Himachal Pradesh : 223

Tripura: 198

Goa: 67

Ladakh: 53

Puducherry: 49

Manipur: 39

Andaman and Nicobar Island: 33

Meghalaya: 15

Nagaland: 3

Dadar Nagar Haveli : 2

Arunachal Pradesh : 1

Mizoram: 1

Sikkim: 1

India which became the 10th worst COVID-19 hit nation after crossing 1.38 lakh cases on the 25th of May.

With every day spike of cases near to 6,500, the functioning of aviation services and resumption of train services from the 1st of June could be a serious matter of concern.

Despite a nationwide lockdown since the 24th of March, India is on the edge of crossing 1.50 lakh cases of the Novel Coronavirus.

 Meanwhile, across the globe, as many as 5.49 million people are COVID-19 infected  and 346,232 died till date.

Stay tuned for further updates.


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