Kerala Elephant Death: Social Media Shows Outrage With #RIP Humanity

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Twitter is flooded with mourning and outrageous meassages for the death of a pregnant elephant, who died in Kerala.

The death of the pregnant elephant is a question on humanity, especially towards animals, as the pregnant elephant died after eating a cracker filled fruit, pineapple.

On the 27th of  May, a pineapple filled with powerful firecracker bursted in the mouth of the pregnant elephant, following she was found dead in a river.

The elephant died in the Velliyar river near the border of Palakkad and Malappuram districts, Kerala.

The cracker is believed to have exploded inside the elephant’s mouth when it chewed the fruit as her jaw was broken.

Social media platforms and Twitter is flooded with messaged with #RIPHumanity.


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