Manmohan Singh In Rajkot For A Press Conference

Manmohan Singh In Rajkot For A Press Conference

Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh arrived in Rajkot today to attend a press conference. In the race for the Gujarat elections, it is Mr. Singh’s turn to throw shade at the opposition party. Manmohan Singh attacked PM Modi on issues related to unemployment and demonetization at the press conference.

Mr. Singh was quoted saying, “Demonetisation was an uninformed and half baked attack on black money. It was a disastrous decision for our economy and democracy. The (Modi) Government likes to claim that demonetization was a bold decision. There is a difference between bold and disastrous decision. It was Indiraji who took many bold decisions.”

He further added, “I invoke memories of more than 100 people who lost their lives while standing in queues as a result of demonetization. I say with immense pain and a sense of deep responsibility that November 8 was a black day for our economy and democracy.”

The former PM also called Modi out on failing to curb corruption. “Whoever faced corruption allegations during UPA was dealt with strictly, but the same cannot be said about BJP, they have not acted on corruption in their rule,” he said.

Manmohan Singh went on to state the foreign policies undertaken by the BJP Government were inconsistent. He also accused the present Government of taking steps that are not in the best interest of the country.


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