Tue, 19 September 2017. 18:44

Nirmala Sitharaman, the commerce minister, on Monday, said that the United States has conveyed to India that there have been no major changes made in the H1B rules. Addressing the Lok Sabha, Sitharaman said that India is voicing its concerns about the changes in rules a bit too much because of the Trump regime in the United States. The minister, however, said not to worry and that there have not been major changes in the rules.

during the question hour, she said, “The fear, at least for 2017, is not proved to be correct. They (US authorities) are saying their current priority is to deal with illegal immigrants.” She also added that this issue was brought up by the Commerce Minister while visiting the US. She said that the delegation led by Bob Goodlatte was notified of these concerns in the first week of March.

The minister also added that all of India’s concerns about visa issues have been strategically addressed during the Strategic and Commerce Dialogue 2016 and Trade Policy Forum 2016 held in October 2016. She also said that India has decided to continue Visa issues conversation with the USA and also approached the USA to give a solution to the movement of professionals. When the United States said that they monitor policies of 73 countries and that India might be included in them, Sitharaman said, “But we don’t recognize any monitoring by any countries. No unilateral policing is acceptable for India.”

She also said many corporate entities have expressed concern over the new rules, which she said have been conveyed to the United States’ new administration.

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