Rajasthan Government Crisis: Rajasthan Governor Turns Down Assembly Session Request File, Seeks Details

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Kalraj Mishra, the Governor of Rajasthan, once again turned down the file seeking permission to conduct Rajasthan Assembly session.

Recently on the 24th of July, Kalraj Mishra rejected the file submitted by the Ashok Gehlot Government to conduct an Assembly session.

Ashok Gehlot, the Chief Minister of Rajasthan, even protested for five hours at the Governor’s residence.

In regard to this, on the 26th of July, the Indian National Congress (INC) ruling party of Rajasthan submitted a fresh proposal and listed Coronavirus and economy as the agenda for the special Assembly session.

Mr. Gehlot wishes to conduct an Assembly session from the 31st of July.

Speaking about the fresh proposal, the Governor asked the Gehlot Government to brief about the discussions to be held in the session.

Meanwhile, a few INC leaders believe the ongoing case regarding the disqualification notice issue in the Supreme Court should be withdrawn.

The leaders think the matter is political and the crisis should be handled politically.

The Rajasthan Government is facing a massive crisis in terms of stability in the Government.

After Sachin Pilot and 18 rebel Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) left the Party, the Rajasthan Government is conducting meetings and trying to keep stability and continue as the ruling Government.

Recently, the Gehlot Government confirmed the support of 102 MLAs and is likely to conduct a floor test.

However, the numbers may reduce as Ms. Mayawati, the President of the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) issued a whip to 6 MLAs, asking them to vote against the INC in a floor test.

The 6 BSP MLAs in Rajasthan extended their support to the INC in 2019. If they vote against the INC in the State, it may affect their numbers.

The BSP issued the whip to R. Gudha, Lakhan Singh, Deep Chand, J.S.Awana, Sandeep Kumar and Wajib Ali.

Satish Chandra, the National General Secretary of the BSP in Rajasthan, said, “Notices have been issued to the six MLAs separately as well as collectively, stating that since BSP is a national party, there cannot be any merger at the state level at the instance of the six MLAs, unless there is a merger of the BSP at the national level. If they violate it, they will be disqualified.”

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court is also expected to examine the issue of the powers of the Assembly Speaker and whether courts have a say in their decisions by the Speaker.

Rajasthan has 200 Assembly seats, of which 107 MLAs are of INC, 72 MLAs of the BJP and 21 independent MLAs.

Of the 21 MLAs, 18 supported the INC and 3 the BJP.

The majority mark to form the State Government is 101.

Stay tuned for further updates.


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