Rajasthan Government Turmoil: Sachin Pilot Removed From Deputy CM Post

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The Indian National Congress (INC) led Rajasthan Government turmoil took a turn after Sachin Pilot, the Deputy Chief Minister of Rajasthan was removed from his post. 

After a meeting on the morning of the 14rh of July, the Ashok Gehlot lex Rajasthan Government decided to sack Sachin Pilot from his post of Deputy CM in the Gehlot Cabinet.

Besides Sachin Pilot, three other Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) of the Ashok Gehlot Cabinet were sacked from the State Cabinet Ministry.

The announcement regarding the same was made during a press conference after the close door meeting.

Randeep Sujrewala, the Spokesperson of the INC, said, “I regret that Sachin Pilot and some of his associates have been swayed by ‘s plot and are now conspiring to topple the Congress govt elected by 8 crore Rajasthanis. It is unacceptable.”


Recently, after the allegations of the Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Ashok Gehlot, the Jaipur Police issued a notice for Sachin Pilot and asked him to record his statement.

Mr. Pilot was alleged of destabilising the INC led Rajasthan Government and manipulating MLAs in Rajasthan.

The Rajasthan turmoil began after Sachin Pilot on the night of the 12th of July, issued an official statement and threatened the INC of walking out with support of a few Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs.)

A few supporters of Sachin Pilot said he raised issues against the functioning of the Gehlot Government over the past fortnight with Avinash Pande, the Congress organisation secretary K.C.Venugopal and senior Congress leader in Delhi.

A close friend of Sachin Pilot and a senior leader of the INC Rajasthan, who wished to be anonymous said, “His (Sachin Pilot) concerns were not addressed.”

Immediately after the statement of Sachin Pilot, the INC held emergency meetings.

One such meeting was held on the 13th of July and another all party MLAs meeting was called on the morning of the 14th of July.

However, Sachin Pilot turned down both the meetings, scheduled in Jaipur.

While Sachin Pilot said the Rajasthan Government led by Ashok Gehlot is in minority, INC claimed to have support of 109 MLAs and be in majority.

Rajasthan has 200 Assembly seats, of which 107 MLAs are of INC, 72 MLAs of the BJP and 21 independent MLAs.

Of the 21 MLAs, 18 supported the INC and 3 the BJP.

The majority mark to form the State Government is 101.

The growing issue could be a boon to the BJP, if Sachin Pilot and the claimed 30 MLAs walk out of the INC in Rajasthan.

Rajasthan is witnessing similar scenes as the Madhya Pradesh Government, which fell out due to a few Congress MLAs switching their party loyalty to join the BJP.

As of now, the MLA of the BJP formed the State Government in Madhya Pradesh.

Similar thing happened in Karnataka, after the ruling party fell out due to the resignation of the Party MLAs.

Stay tuned for further updates.


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